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About the Brand

Tani USA began with a vision to revolutionize how you think and feel about underwear. We strive to set a new standard through our patented construction and fabrics. As a result, Tani feels unique — different from any other brand in the market. We designed them to be something you’ll enjoy for years, remaining durable and easy to clean.


Producing the best underwear isn’t easy, but we’ve made breakthroughs to make our products the go-to underwear for any activity. We work closely with our developers, applying techniques that produce unparalleled smoothness, so you have the best experience possible while wearing our products.

Sophistication Through Simplicity

Tani USA products don’t come with flashy gimmicks. The design is streamlined and modern, prioritizing comfort overall. We want you to look good and feel good every time you wear them. Our fabrics retain shape despite the intense activity, and we use only the best materials in the world.


We believe in being a business that does not harm our environment. All of us can benefit from high-quality products that are sustainably made. Each factory and shop from Tani adhere to the highest standards. We prioritize green efforts and technology — no matter where we are.We also want to become a standard for professionalism and respect in the industry. Our employees and partners experience the same positivity that we provide our customers. We also partner with those who share the same ideals and values, making the world better.It’s time to change your mind about underwear. Try Tani and experience the difference.