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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
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From pure cotton to silk, men's boxer briefs come in fabrics and styles to suit any taste. For something entirely different, you might look at silk boxer briefs come in wild colors and patterns, from orange, purple, red, green, and more.

About Men's Boxer Brief

Boxer briefs combine the long leg of the boxer with the support of the brief. So, a guy gets support, but with more coverage. Initial reviews were mixed. For men with large thighs, boxer briefs were too binding and would need to be pulled down after standing up. Changes in the design were made, and now boxer briefs have a much less binding band around their legs.

Incredibly durable, thanks to the special Micro Modal AIR

Breathable, assuring an all day dry feeling

Extremely soft, because of the way the material is created

This luxury underwear stretches and recovers like no other

Enjoy the holding feel, while getting a bit more room, at the same time

Exclusive material knit in Europe, to be the best on the market

Original Design

We took a classic and make it more original, luxurious and comfortable

High Quality Material

We sell the exclusive Micro Modal AIR for all our SIlkCut products. Nothing is thinner, softer and dryer.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you're going to be satisfied, or you will be able to change it with something different. The return process is fast and easy


Brett B  -  

"It was great! The underwear fits right and is the most comfortable I've found"

Eddie M.   

"Awesome material, more soft that I ever thought possible"

Ron D.  -  15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"I wear these every day. The boxer briefs are supportive but not too tight. I don't sweat as much. It feels like I am wearing nothing. I am a longtime fan of Tani USA. They never disappoint. They really do make the best underwear for men."


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