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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Tani underwear, men’s luxury underwear at its finest

Tani underwear, men's luxury underwear at its finest

Tani Underwear
Tani Underwear, Men’s Luxury Underwear At Its Finest

One of the exciting things in menswear is the idea of men’s luxury underwear. Tani is a refreshing brand in this rising market. As men are taking a more active approach to their outer appearance from grooming to clothing, it is only natural that their undergarments get an upgrade as well. This is where Tani comes into to play.

Tani is changing the game in luxury underwear
Courtesy of Tani USA

Tani is a direct to consumer brand that specializes in premium underwear and loungewear. Direct to consumer allows the brand to focus its attention on the quality of the product as compared to the advertising that is the center of some of the more popular brands. Advertising and packaging are the factors that often drive up the price of underwear. Tani takes a different approach. The company’s philosophy is to focus on fabric, form and function.

Using superior fabrics, innovative knitting and fabric techniques, the brand is all about comfort. In addition, Tani wants their underwear to be also modern and durable. Modern cuts in unique colors and patterns gives the company an edge over some other luxury brands whose fit tends to skew to a much older demographic. These newer styles and patterns enable Tani to appeal to a much wider audience.

Recently, Examiner.com had the opportunity to check out some of the latest in the company’s offerings and found them to be quite a step up from your regular everyday brands. The underwear, the Silkcut Twill Crew Undershirt and the Silkcut Twill Boxer Brief arrived in small see through packages. This was first indication that the focus was on the underwear and not the packaging. The underwear felt like silk but is actually made of Micro Modal® Air fabric. According to Tani ,it’s thinner and softer than silk. It felt remarkable against the skin and was quite breathable.

The undershirt hugged the body and felt great underneath a dress shirt. It was almost a shame to cover it up. It’s the type of t-shirt that would be great worn alone. Just as comfortable was the boxer brief. There are no hidden pouches, pads or gimmicks just a nice comfortable pair of underwear. The bonus was that the legs of the underwear did not roll up which is often the case for other boxer brief brands. Therefore there was no embarrassing tugging of the underwear moments.

The underwear itself runs very true to size. The company’s website says if you’re unsure about your size, you should size up but I found it to be spot on if you follow their size guide. Moreover both the undershirt and boxer held their shape after washing with no shrinkage nor color fading.

Tani is available exclusively online through the company’s websiteand carries a full assortment of underwear and loungewear ranging from $40 to $145. The company also has begun branching out and now includes a selection of undergarments for women.

Luxury underwear should live up to its name and truly be premium. The Tani line hits the mark when looking at comfort, fit, durability and aesthetics. If men are stepping up their style game on the outside then this is the perfect brand to sport underneath as a complement.


Tani Underwear, Men’s Luxury Underwear At Its Finest

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