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Style secrets revealed: What your undershirt says about you

Style secrets revealed: What your undershirt says about you

Style secrets revealed: What your undershirt says about you

Everyone knows you can’t judge a book by its cover - but when you start flipping pages, it speaks for itself. Similarly, whether or not you’re aware of the subtle differences between undershirt styles, the one you choose does send a message to anyone who happens to see it.

While you could choose to remain blissfully unaware, finding the best undershirt to suit your style can level up your fashion game - and it can help you be more comfortable throughout the day without committing any faux pas.

So what is your undershirt saying about you? Let’s read the tea leaves together.

The classic crew neck

The crew neck undershirt offers full coverage for the meticulously dressed. It provides unbeatable protection when you're wearing a tie, but it’s not so good for sporting more casual shirts that don’t button up all the way to the neck. Because they can be difficult to pull off without showing over your neckline, people who sport crew necks are often the type to cross their t’s and dot their i’s.

The V-Neck

The V-Neck is for the more fashion-forward gentleman who loves button-up shirts but doesn’t always don a three-piece suit as daily wear. When you’re wearing a V-neck, you can enjoy a more relaxed fit around the neck that’s never restrictive. A V-neck is more versatile than a crew neck and can help you avoid the habit of tugging at your collar if you hate having cloth against your neck. “Proper with a chill side” is the subtle message a V-neck sends.

The Tank Top

The tank top is cozy and the least restrictive of all the undershirts, and works great under short sleeves or tight button-ups. Tank tops provide a little modesty and protection for your nipples when you need to keep things professional, but can minimize the fabric on your arms to help you stay cooler on warm days. While certain stereotypes have literally given this shirt a bad name that we won’t mention here, they can be flattering and classy. Tank tops display confidence and have a masculine air about them, but they aren’t a great option if you sweat a lot. With nothing between your shirt and your underarms, you’ll be dealing with pit stains daily.

The ratty, oversized undershirt

An undershirt is meant to protect your nicer clothing from sweat and grime, as well as keep something soft to cover your skin. Too big, and it simply lumps up under your outerwear and is equal parts sloppy and uncomfortable. If you’re caught wearing an undershirt that’s worn out its welcome, it shows that while you understand the rules of fashion, you can’t quite follow them. If this sounds like you, it’s time to retire the old undershirts and upgrade to something that can get the job done.

None at all

Not wearing an undershirt may seem like a rugged, sensible fashion choice, but that’s not the message you're sending out. Beyond missing out on the many benefits of this crucial piece of daily wear, you’re sending the message that you’re not invested in your appearance. Taking care of what you wear each day is a sign of maturity, and it shows respect to the people you interact with each day. While we certainly don’t judge people for their fashion choices, there’s a lot to be said about the self-confidence boost you can get when you’re dressed to impress.

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