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Men’s Boxer Briefs: What does your underwear style say about you?

Men’s Boxer Briefs: What does your underwear style say about you?

Men’s Boxer Briefs: What does your underwear style say about you?

Best Men's Boxer Briefs:

It would be too easy to classify the boxer briefs guy as the perfect combination of the briefs guy and the boxers’ guy, but there’s far more to the boxer briefs guy than meets the eye. From his modern sensibilities to his flair for fashion, this fella is forward-thinking, friendly, fun, and cares about what others think. 

He is usually a convert from the brief or boxer short and is following trends and doesn’t like to be left out. Making a shift for something sleeker means more options and more coverage. The boxer brief man is usually trying new underwear brands because he comes from other styles and can find many boxer briefs either too tight and stifling or too long on the leg. 

Now that Tani USA has introduced the first SilkCut Classic boxer brief, men are realizing they can have the coverage and freedom of movement like a boxer short with the touch of support that comes with a brief. 

In Tani USA’s best men’s boxer brief, the legs aren’t squeezed but rather, they are caressed or hugged in Micro Modal Air fabric that means the man can strut his stuff and not feel like he’s showing too much or too little. 

The boxer brief guy can be a health nut and likes to try the fad diets or juice cleanses, but he knows he must have protein, but at nice dinners he skips the bread bowl. He generally follows a well balanced diet and is always worried about putting on a few.

The Boxer Brief Guy On A Date:

This boxer brief guy is a pleaser and he’s planning for how to make sure his date is happy will try and plan something the date likes. He is comfortable adding a movie or club after dinner so he can show his sensitive side and his fun side. When he’s with his bros he’s likely to have a bourbon old fashioned or vodka soda but on the date he either goes for a bottle of wine or a mule. He wants to show that he’s got facets. 

If he gets back to his date’s place he may pull the naked man routine because strutting out in boxer briefs leaves to much up in the air (are his legs to skinny, is the bulge not big enough, does his butt appear to flat or too round) and he doesn’t like to face a questionable face. He would rather get the green light with the naked man or the flat-out rejection and say he mis read the signs.

The Boxer Briefs Guy’s Average Weekend:

There’s booze, brunch, and hanging with bros, but he usually starts each Saturday and Sunday with a vigorous workout and gentlemanly grooming. The boxer briefs guy has FOMO and fills most of every minute, never turning down an invitation to meet or an opportunity to try something new. He’ll go to the art museum or a concert, but don’t expect to see him following a list. Chores and errands can be done later, so he’ll get the boring stuff done mid-week when the singles are shopping.

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