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Five Items to Help a Guy Look and Feel His Best

Five Items to Help a Guy Look and Feel His Best


Five Items To Help a Guy Look And Feel His Best

It’s Monday morning.  You hop out of the shower and take a look in the mirror.  It’s pretty evident that you’ve had quite the weekend, but with the proper self-care products, it doesn’t have to be!  That’s right, we said self-care.  Beauty routines are no longer just for women. 

Guys are investing more and more into products that help make them feel good from the inside out.  If you’re ready to leave the Sunday couch-surfer look behind for something more refined, check out the following items:


A Great Pair of Underwear

From boxers to briefs and everything in between, selecting the proper underwear is the most essential step when it comes to comfort.  Believe it or not, a bad pair of underwear can completely ruin your day.  In order to avoid this issue and the chaffing and wedgies that comes with it, think about your lifestyle when purchasing your underwear.  Are you someone who is constantly on the move and requires sweat wicking underwear?  Do you need a pair that works well with dress clothes? 

If you’re looking for a pair that encompasses all this and more, check out Tani SilkCut Classic Boxer Briefs.  These luxury mens underwear are soft and silky, high performance underwear that are designed to keep you cool and comfortable through anything life throws at you. No wonder why companies like Men's Health's have named them "The Best Men's Underwear You Can Buy Online"


Beard Oil

Nothing says masculine like facial hair, especially when it’s well-kept.  You can achieve this look through the use of products like beard oil.  This oil starts at the root by not only moisturizing your beard, but also the skin underneath, which promotes healthy growth all around!  Most beard oils contain carrier oils, like jojoba and argan, which are all-natural. These oils contain tons of hydrating and moisturizing properties for your skin and hair follicles without a greasy feeling.


Teeth Whitening Kit

According to USA Today,  71% of women are judging men based on their teeth!  Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market to combat the stains that daily cup of coffee can leave behind.  If you’re looking for a quick fix, are the solution for you.  In as little as an hour, you can have visibly whiter teeth, which will in turn impress your date and maybe even get you a second one!  Once you’ve achieved the perfect shade of white, you can invest in an LED tooth whitening system to maintain that bright smile.


ED Medication

The sexiest thing a guy can bring to the bedroom is confidence.  Simple gestures like taking time to find out what your partner likes, reading up on different positions, and slowing it down to ensure you both enjoy the experience are all ways to boost your self-esteem in the bedroom.  If you’re doing all that but still having a tough time keeping it up, consider consulting your doctor about a prescription for Sildenafil.  ED is nothing to be ashamed of and with a little help, you can get back to focusing on pleasing your partner and yourself.

Anti-Aging Serum

You plan for the future financially so why not plan for your face as well?  If you fail to nourish your skin, you could end up looking like a wrinkly version of yourself long before you’re supposed too!  There are plenty of anti-aging serums formulated specifically for men, so you won’t have to worry about smelling like a floral garden after you apply them!  Most anti-aging serums contain peptides, allowing the dermis and the epidermis to communicate; in short, telling your skin cells to slow down the aging process.  For maximum hydration results, pair serum with your favorite moisturizer.


 When it comes down to it, feeling your best means looking your best, and who doesn’t want that?  Self-care is something men all over have come to embrace more and more.  Incorporating items like those listed above can make a world of difference while also hiding the fact that you had a little bit too much fun on a work night!



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