Make no mistake, your underwear is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your menswear ensemble — yes, that’s right. We went there. Underwear can make or break your all-day comfort based on the pair you pick up and wear — if you’ve ever skimped on buying the right underwear, you know this to be the case.

The incredible thing is, a host of brands are amplifying men’s underwear beyond the typical packages you pick up in the department store bin, turning it into an essential, premium accessory that’s different than any pair you’ve previously worn. Believe us, it’s true. These brands are using quality fabrics and surprisingly breathable, innovative technology to craft underwear that truly makes a difference. After all, you want and expect as much comfort and performance all day as you can get, right?

Digital upstarts are leading the way, crafting the best men’s underwear that’s got performance capabilities and a range of cuts and fits. Truly, it’s new dawn when it comes to the best men’s underwear, and you’re surely going to need a pair or two — or three — when it comes time to dress for the workweek, the weekend … really, each and every day of the week. Don’t skimp, trust us.