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Underwear Buying Tips

Underwear Buying Tips

Underwear Buying Tips

Planning on overhauling your underwear collection? Good, it's about darned time! Yes, we men can get pretty attached to our underwear, but there comes a time when we need to change things up. Here are a few tips to help you get the right underwear:

Always buy too many. You need to wear one pair per day, so you only need 7 pairs of underwear, right? So, SO wrong! Even if you're faithful to doing laundry, you always want to have a few extra pairs on hand in case your underwear starts sagging or gets faded. Plus, with 10 to 15 pairs of underwear, you can rotate colors and styles like you would your shirts. Underwear is as important to your style as your T-shirts or pants!


Shy away from boxers. Boxers are the go-to for guys who want to be uber-comfortable, but they're a lot less comfy than you'd think. Between the bunching up and the propensity to get sweaty and soggy, they're not your top pick. Instead, consider another style (see the next section). Bonus: According to GQ Magazine, a lot of women prefer men who wear styles other than boxers!
Go lightweight. Unless you're shopping for long johns or thermal underwear, you want lightweight fabrics. Cotton is a classic option for boxers, but try boxer briefs or trunks with nylon, rayon, or polyester blends. These materials will help to keep you cool during the hotter months and provide you with snug, supportive comfort.

Avoid over-tight underwear. You'll feel the tightness in three places: the waistband, the leg bands, and the crotch. If the underwear is too tight on either your waist or legs, you may cut off proper blood flow. If the crotch is tight, it could increase the heat in your genitals, leading to rashes, excess sweating, and even affected sperm quality.


Go a size up. This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip. If you're buying underwear, always err on the size of a little larger. You can always wear a pair of too-large underwear even if it's a tad loose, but there's no way to squeeze into a pair that's too small. Look for underwear that is a size or two above your belt size just to be sure.


Follow this advice when buying underwear, and you're in for maximum comfort!

Underwear Styles
Women's underwear comes in dozens of different styles: bikinis, G-strings, T-backs, boy shorts, cheekies, and the list goes on. Thank God, guys don't have that many options to choose from! Instead, we've got a few basic styles that are used by different people for different purposes:

Briefs – Briefs are the underwear we wore through our childhood, and many adults continue to wear the simple briefs style. They're comfortable under a broad range of clothing options (shorts, pants, even a kilt!), covers everything important, but only grips your legs at the hips. You have a full range of mobility in briefs, and there are almost zero risks of bunching up. They're an "everyday, everyman" sort of underwear.

On the downside, they're not the most stylish option. If your briefs are even a little sagging or faded, they tend to look bad. And don't get us started on tightie whities!


Alternate Briefs – The typical pair of briefs tend to have a mid-rise waistline, meaning they sit on your natural waistline (usually midway between your belly button and scrotum). However, for the stylish man, there are two more briefs options:

High rise briefs have a higher waistline and are intended to be worn under high rise pants. This is great for guys who want to smooth out their love handles or conceal a bit of a "pooch" (belly flab).

Low cut briefs sit on the hips with a low waistline that dips toward the pubic hairline. There's still enough fabric to cover the hair and genitals, but the minimalist design draws the attention downward toward the package. This is a pair of underwear that will enhance the appearance of your genitals, making them look bigger.


Boxers – Boxers are the typical go-to underwear for teenaged males, and often many adult males as well. They're loose-fitting, lightweight, breathable, and usually a pretty comfortable choice. The open fly design makes for easy access (when using the bathroom or having sex), and the ventilation provided by this underwear is unbeatable. If you want to reduce heat to your genitals, you won't find a better style than boxers. Boxers are considered one of the best options to enhance male fertility.

On the downside, boxers tend to bunch up during active use, and they offer no support to your testicles. This means everything is bouncing around as you run, jump, and play. The risk of injury is higher when wearing boxers. Plus, with the bunching up, you're going to spend half your workout pulling down your underwear to be comfortable.


Boxer Briefs – These are the boxer style with the briefs fit, meaning the tight elastic on the upper thigh and tighter pouch. Boxer briefs provide support for your testicles, and they can reduce chafing during your workouts or runs. They're another "everyday, everyman" pair of underwear that goes well with most clothing styles. They can be used for the gym, at a formal business dinner, or just to lounge around the house.

On the downside, there is some risk of bunching up. The elastic gripping your upper leg will only hold the underwear in place so much. They can be a bit hot and get sweaty in the summer months, and they don't offer as much ventilation as boxers.

Trunks – Trunks are slightly shorter boxer briefs—similar to a woman's "boy shorts". They have less fabric gripping the upper legs, but they're square enough to still be stylish. They're both athletic and comfortable.


Jockstrap -- Jockstraps are the male version of G-string underwear. They have straps running around the waist and thighs, with a fabric pouch to nestle your package. They are more shapewear than comfort wear, and they'll help to make your package look bigger.

On the downside, they can chafe/rub and may not be the most comfortable option. They're also a bit "out there" style-wise for the average guy.

Underwear Fabrics
Cotton is soft, comfortable, and lightweight, with good breathability. It's good for keeping you warm, but it can be uncomfortable when wet.

Spandex is a highly elastic synthetic fabric, one that offers good flexibility and support. It's also moisture-wicking and odor-resistant, but it can be a bit too tight.

Flannel is a mix of wool, cotton, and synthetic, making it popular for loungewear and thermal wear. It's soft but not very resistant to wear, and tears easily after a few months of use.

Silk is luxurious and soft but stains easily and isn't resistant to moisture. Silk tends to be used for loose, flowing boxer shorts.


Nylon is elastic and complimentary to your body. The synthetic material is most commonly used for stylish underwear.

Wool is soft and breathable, with excellent heat-trapping properties (for thermal underwear). Low-grade wool can be itchy and cause sweating, so it's best to ONLY use wool for thermal underwear.

Underwear According to Your Lifestyle
Looking for the right pair of underwear to keep up with your lifestyle? Here's what you need to know:

For an active, athletic lifestyle, consider boxer briefs. They protect from chafing, offer good support, and are fairly minimalist in design. Jockstraps are also good for high-intensity athletes, as they provide support and protection, plus a bit of lift to make those bike shorts or gym shorts look a bit tighter.

For a casual, relaxed lifestyle, go with boxers. They're loose and comfortable, with plenty of ventilation.

For a sedentary lifestyle (gamers, programmers, or office workers), consider briefs or trunks. They offer good comfort and minimal interference but are stylish enough that you're ready for anything.

For men who use a lot of formal wear (suits and tuxedoes), boxers are your best choice. Their loose fit makes them perfect for use with fancier dress pants and slacks.

For men who want to dress impeccably, trunks are your best option. They're great for wearing beneath your stylish gym clothing, business attire, and loungewear, and they look amazing when your clothes come off.

Underwear According to Your Body Type

Yes, just like women, men need to find the underwear that matches their body type best. The right pair of underwear can draw attention away from less desirable features and improve your appearance. So what type of underwear should YOU be wearing?

Briefs – If you are well-endowed, briefs showcase what you've got. Briefs also look great on men with larger leg muscles and a sculpted core. Shorter men can also benefit from wearing briefs, as they expose your legs and give the appearance of being taller.

Boxers – Young, slim, and svelte men will often look bigger in boxers, as the wide-cut adds extra width to skinny legs. However, be warned: boxers will usually make you look younger.

Boxer Briefs – If you're tall, go with boxer briefs. The higher waistline will cover everything so you don't expose too much when your pants inevitably slip down when bending over. Guys with larger butts will find boxer briefs provide just the right amount of coverage. Heavier men carrying a bit of extra fat on their legs will find the material of the boxer briefs helps to reduce chafing when walking, running, or training.

Trunks – For guys who spend a lot of time at the gym, trunks are the go-to choice. The slim fit enhances a lean physique and compact musculature and will enhance the appearance of your six-pack or eight-pack thanks to the lower waistline.

Jockstrap – If you're a hardcore athlete, the jockstrap can be your best friend on and off the training floor. The minimalist design makes them comfortable, and you'll find it's a highly stylish addition to your "professional athlete" persona.

Solutions to Common Underwear Problems
Finding the perfect pair of underwear is possible but not easy! It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right style, brand, cut, and fabric that works for you. So what do you do if your underwear isn't just right? Here are some of the common problems you'll face, accompanied by a simple solution:

Bunching – This is a common problem with boxers and even boxer briefs. The material gets all bunched up in your crotch and can be very uncomfortable.

Solution #1: Consider changing style to trunks or briefs.
Solution #2: Pull the boxers a bit lower.
Solution #3: Look for boxers without a center back seam, but with two back seams that run down the back of the leg.
Binding – It can be very uncomfortable if your underwear binds (constricts) at your thighs.

Solution #1: Buy a bigger size. Your underwear might have shrunk in the wash, or you've grown since buying them.

Solution #2: Change to a looser style of boxer briefs or even boxers.
Flattening – The wrong pair of underwear can make you look flat either in the front (your package) or the back (your butt).

For the front, consider wearing underwear with a built-in pouch.
For the back, consider briefs or trunks, and think about built-in butt enhancers.
Underwear Do's and Don'ts

Try different styles. You may find more than one style looks good and suits for different occasions.
Stick with the brands that fit you best. Every brand has their own cut and style—what works with one brand may not with another.
Try different fabrics. Cotton, nylon, spandex, silk, flannel, and wool all have something to offer in different situations.

Get rid of old and ragged underwear. If there are more than three holes (waist and two legs) or the material is faded or sagging, it's time to throw them out.
Wear underwear that fits. Too small, and they'll restrict blood flow and movement. Too large, and they'll sag, bunch, or cause wrinkles to show in your clothing.

Go commando. It may have been popular once, but it's not hygienic or stylish!
Let your underwear show. Your underwear should move with your pants, and should always remain hidden beneath your clothing, especially in professional situations.

Use the wrong underwear at the wrong time. Silk boxers are TERRIBLE for working out, and you may find that tightie whities aren't great for when you want to have some "adult bedroom fun time".
Underwear That Will Turn Her OFF
Want to find underwear that is guaranteed to turn your lady off? GQ Magazine surveyed 200 women to find out what they hate in underwear:

Old and worn out, with holes or a ratty appearance.
Dirty and smelly underwear.
Underwear that rides too high, too low, or doesn't fit right.
Bright, garish colors, patterns, and prints on the underwear.
High waistbands that show over the pants.
If you have underwear that fits any of these descriptions, it's time to get rid of them and stock up on new, stylish underwear!

How to Enhance Your Manhood
Your underwear can either enhance or detract from the appearance of your manhood. The right underwear can make your package look bigger, but the wrong underwear can hide it. If you want to enhance your manhood, here's what you need to know:

Wear low-cut briefs – Low cut briefs have a lower waistline than normal, so it pulls the attention downward toward your package. They are a great option for guys with that "V-line muscle" (inguinal crease), as they show off your sculpted lower abdomen. They can also help to make your manhood look bigger.
Tuck and lift – This is a move guys use to showcase their package: tuck the balls beneath the penis, shift it around to make sure everything is comfortable, and lift up and forward. Place this package in the pouch of a pair of briefs, and you'll find it looks a whole lot bigger.

Use lighter colors – Black conceals shapes (it's why it's slimming), but lighter colors draw attention to any bulges or contours in the underwear.
Try C-ring underwear – C-ring underwear comes with a built-in cock-ring that you can wrap around your package to enhance the bulge. It's not the most comfortable option, but it can make everything look bigger for an hour or two before you need to change. The ring encircles the penis and balls to pull it up and forward and give it the appearance of being bigger.

Use a fabric panel C-ring – These are similar to the wire C-rings, but use a fabric panel to pull your package up and forward. They're much more comfortable and can be used for all-day enhancement.

Look for enhancement pouches – Some underwear comes with built-in supportive pouches that lift your package without the need for a ring or sling. The built-in pouch can be pretty comfortable and will give your manhood a much larger appearance. Other pouches are intended to push your penis forward for a more visible side and front profile.

Try padding – Padded underwear comes with a bit of extra padding in the crotch area to give the impression of a larger bulge. It's the male version of a padded bra/Wonderbra and highly effective!

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