Most important items in your wardrobe

Underwear is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. Unless you’re a fan of going ‘commando’, every day, without fail, you’ll be donning a pair of underwear to keep your bits and pieces in check. To be frank, it’s quite a responsibility and whether you’ve got leg day at the gym, a meeting with your boss or a hot date, you’ll want to ensure your furniture is kept in place, aired appropriately, and comfortable.



As a fully grown man, it’s now your responsibility to get yourself some quality undies and ensure they’re always fighting fit to protect your package. Gone are the days where it was acceptable to replace your undies every Christmas, the modern man needs to be on top of his underwear game ensuring his undies fit properly, are in mint condition (absolutely no holes), aerate accordingly and are stylish. Whether you’re a fan of boxers, briefs or trunks ensure you invest in a quality pair that will serve you and your bits faithfully.

Even though you love to express your personality through the medium of clothes, it’s not really necessary to get something bold and brash, instead stick to tried and tested classics that will work day in, day out. For anyone lucky enough to see your special pants, you’ll want to ensure they don’t get scared off.