The Best Pairs of Underwear

The Best Pairs of Underwear 

It’s time to toss those worn-out boxer shorts because your family jewels deserve better, man. However, finding the perfect underwear for your privates can involve a lot of trial and error.

Whether you want athletic underwear, funny boxers, boxer briefs, long johns or anything in-between, you can find it online for a reasonable price. The only catch? Scoring the best men’s underwear requires some research. If you’re just looking for everyday underwear (not specialty underwear such as athletic boxers), you still have to decide which fit, brand, palette and size is right for your look and body type.

What Are the Most Popular Styles of Men’s Underwear?

Keeping underwear styles straight is still tricky for most guys, so here’s a refresher:

Briefs are short and tight (the classic tightie-whities design)

Boxers are loose around the thigh and gonads (for the best breathability)

Boxer briefs are a tighter form of boxers that fall mid-thigh (supportive, athletic and flattering)

Sexy men’s underwear is popular among many gay men, and they can include jockstraps and specialty briefs

Among modern men, boxer briefs are far and away from the most popular. An estimated 58% of guys prefer boxer briefs, according to an AskMen/Huffington Post survey.

However, that style doesn’t fit everyone. While tightie-whities was going extinct, American Apparel resurrected this underwear with their trademark colorful briefs. And there are a ton of new brands offering sexy underwear for men. Lingerie, it’s not just for women anymore.

If you haven’t tried each style we suggest giving each a shot — you might be surprised which is actually your favorite. If you already know which is your favorite, that’s great. Keep scrolling to find the best underwear for men in each category.

To help figure out the right underclothes for your style and preferences, we’ve picked out the best pairs of underwear, including the best boxers, best boxer briefs, best athletic boxers, and more. This should help guide your search and leave you with some clean, fresh new undies.