Survey: Boxers, Briefs, or Something Else?

Survey: Boxers, Briefs, or Something Else?


If you are like most guys, you put your pants on one leg at a time over a fresh pair of clean underwear every morning. (We hope.) Our polarized society can disagree about a lot of stuff, but one thing that is just about guaranteed to secure bipartisan support is wearing clean underwear. But that’s where the agreement ends and the drawers divide begins.

 How are we so sure? We asked. A Google Survey of 1,000 men in the U.S. and got TMI on your BVDs. Not just the brands you buy, the fabric you fancy, and the styles you stick to — there is a clear winner there — but also when and why you buy new underwear. We were a little shocked by the answer to that question. To see where you fall within the span of partisan underpants opinion, keep reading.


An Age-Old Question Answered


It’s a question as old as time: Boxers or briefs? Well, we can put that question to rest because we now have the answer — neither. To be honest, we had a feeling that most guys were not going to fall into either of those camps, with the popularity of the hybrid boxer brief providing the length of a boxer with the support of a brief. But we were a little surprised that the boxer brief won by as much as it did, with 41.8 percent of the vote.

Boxers won the second-place spot just narrowly above briefs, with 21.8 to 18.4 percent, respectively. So that leaves about 18 percent unaccounted for in the “other” category, which can be one of two things: Wearing little underwear or no underwear at all. We’re not here to judge, just to report the findings. You do you, man.


Regardless if they are big undies, small undies, or something in between, at 75.6 percent, men overwhelmingly agree that how they feel is what’s most important to them. Health plays the least important role, and cost is only considered slightly more in decision-making at 4.3 and 4.5 percent, respectively. And as much as you guys look at our sex and dating content (Spoiler: It’s a lot), we were most surprised that only 8.3 percent of respondents considered how it actually looked to be the key factor when making the purchase.  


The Fabric of Your Lives


So with such a large group ranking comfort as the most important factor in their decision, what fabric actually feels best? Well, the answer to this question had a popular answer, although it feels short of a majority. Cotton won over 40.1 percent of responders, but a breathable blend — which provides breezy ball relief — took 25.7 percent of the vote.

Silk superfans were few and far between, with a mere 2.4 percent responding, and those who prefer antimicrobial wool and silver fabrics were the least enthused, with only 1.1 percent of the total. The remaining 23.4 percent of responders really don’t care, answering that they will wear whatever. We’ll assume “whatever” remains within the confines of the acceptable underwear status quo.

Whatever … Continued


Cotton won in fabric, but overall, guys seemed to be pretty open to traditional underwear materials. However, with the highest number of responders anywhere in our survey (at 48 percent), men said they did not care what brand name of underwear they wore. 

The Dirty Truth


Here are the numbers that we hoped would be a little higher: 28.2 percent of men wait until their underwear is ripped or stained to buy a new pair, and only 18.7 percent buy new ones once a year. Underwear is the part of your wardrobe that sees the most sh*t (pun intended?), so it makes sense to keep them on the up and up. About a quarter of men — 26.5 percent — add a fresh pair every six months or so, and 6.5 percent shop whenever there’s a sale.

With 5.5 percent of men buying underwear seasonally — that’s not cheap, and we respect that — it’s the remaining 14.6 percent of responders who answered: “none of the above” that we wonder about. We have to wonder … If these guys aren’t buying a new pair of underwear over the course of the year, when are they buying it? What are they waiting for?

Summer is here and it’s hot outside — there’s no doubt that the sweat running down your back is pooling up somewhere. We implore you to take this opportunity to audit that underwear drawer, scrap the skid-marked skivvies, and treat yourself to a fresh set of fabric for your boys.