Lounge Comfortably at Home

The viral clip of Good Morning America correspondent Will Reeve—son of Superman Christopher Reeve—delivering a live television segment unknowingly showing off his underwear might be the most relatable quarantine snafu we’ve witnessed thus far. Reeve may have gotten caught with his pants down, literally, but he’s hardly the first person to dress top-half only for a Zoom meeting. The Reeve no-pants-gate situation got us thinking, why not just embrace boxer shorts as your new quarantine uniform?

Working from home has made comfortable the new dressed-up, bringing casual office dressing to a whole new level. Comfort starts at your base layer, and as summer approaches, you’re probably ready to ditch the sweats. For optimal around-the-house lounging we suggest snapping up the most comfortable boxers for men and making sure you know exactly how your laptop camera is angled during your video chats.

In the age-old debate of ‘are briefs better than boxers?’ we’re going to say there is no right answer. However, if you’re looking for something looser to let your man bits move freely, opt for boxer shorts for some room to breathe as you lounge at home, whether cut wide or slim, depending on your taste.

Regarding material, the most comfortable boxer shorts will be a classic, breathable cotton style (great for summer), a knit jersey, or even a moisture-wicking material to prevent a sweaty situation. We’ve highlighted the best boxers shorts for men, plus a silk pair if you’re really wanting to elevate your quarantine game.

Hey, these are rough times. You deserve this underwear upgrade.