Impress Her With Your Bedroom Style


Best Sleepwear For Men


There’s no doubt about it – picking out a sweet pair of pajamas usually comes second, third, or realistically last fiddle to your outside-of-the-house style. We know the majority of you guys are still schlepping around in your high school sweatpants, or worse, old boxers.


You are the only one who sees your PJs, right? But consider what you’re going to wear to sleep next time you head home for the holidays, the next boy’s trip, or the first time that new girl in your life stays over. Wouldn’t it feel that much cooler if your daytime style is just as savvy in the nocturnal hours? That’s why we’re here to tell you its time to graduate from your old boxers.

Pajamas don’t have to be those Star Wars-adorned onesies of your youth but nor do they have to make you look like a dad from a 1970’s sitcom. A good pair of pajamas can help you sleep more comfortably and feel more relaxed, before and after you hit the hay.


To help you find the perfect pair of pajamas for unwinding at home or you know, actually sleeping in, we’ve scoured the internet on a quest to add a little style to your R&R time. We’ve divided up our top findings by situation: ranging from the perfect pajamas to wear when you’re too lazy to change before running errands, the upgraded boxer brief, or hotel appropriate pajamas for your next work trip.