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"Three things drive our business forward—comfort innovation, luxury, and sustainability."
- Adam Dinkes, President of Tani USA

Tani USA started with a vision to provide high-quality luxury undergarments for both men and women. We began with only one luxury product for men at the time, and it showed promise, bringing in an investment that would expand our offerings. Since then, we’ve broadened our reach to include women’s undergarments, thermal wear, and loungewear. We began establishing ourselves in different markets and intended to provide these high-quality items to the United States.

The Expansion

Four years later, Tani USA is now available in 90 countries, making luxury undergarments accessible to the world. You can find our products through our storefront on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Our goal was to bring a combination of comfort and durability to the U.S., something we quickly achieved. We’ve grown to where we are today because of the dedication and trust of our customers.

Tani USA Today

Customers have never experienced the durability and incredible comfort of Tanis USA products. We’re now known to be the brand that provides luxury and quality that isn’t available anywhere else. Our secret? We source high-quality fabrics from all over the world and continuously strive to improve our process. Our company does not settle for second-best products or construction.

Apart from all this, we know that our success would not have been possible without you. We consider our customers as team members and always listen to their feedback. Our goal is to keep you happy and become the top option for all of your undergarment needs.

Tani USA will continue to provide the best products possible as new fabrics and technology come out. These products will continue to be available and shipped directly to your doorstep. You deserve the best possible undergarments you can enjoy for years to come!