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Tani USA Story

Tani underwear got its start as an online retailer of high-quality luxury undergarments for men and women in 2015. We wanted to set a new standard for comfort and durability in the United States, something that we achieved quickly after our launch here. Our owner started Tani USA by selling just one pair of luxury underwear at a time. A personal investment in the company saw the brand grow to the point were we sell in over 90 countries around the world.

The Expansion of Tani USA

We originally sold only men’s underwear after launching in 2015. This quickly expanded to include thermal wear, lounge wear, and women’s undergarments. Prior to 2015, Tani had established businesses in other countries but not in the United States. Just four years later, we sell our luxurious undergarments in 90 countries and have a storefront on and 

Tani USA is a Name Customers Know They Can Trust

The high quality of fabrics we use to produce our undergarments and the incredible durability they offer is something that customers have never experienced in another brand. They have quickly come to associate the name Tani USA with luxury and quality that they cannot find anywhere else. The reason we use fabrics of such high quality is that we source materials from mills all over the world and will not settle for second best. Tani USA knows that it would not have grown so quickly without the dedication and trust of its customers in this country.

This is the reason why every first-time customer receives a handwritten note from the founder.

At Tani USA, we consider customers a part of our team and go out of our way to keep them happy. The number of repeat customers and new customer referrals from those who feel thrilled with our products and services.

Brands Tani USA Looks to for Inspiration

Tani USA looked to other brands respected in their industry for producing top-of-the line products that people seem to automatically equate with quality and luxury. Some of these include Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Rolex, and St. Laurent.

What Kind of Cocktail is Tani USA

When considering what type of cocktail Tani USA relates to, our founders responded that they compare the company to champagne. The reason is that Tani USA is always modern, classic, and appropriate just like champagne. It also has the ability to turn any day into a celebration because it is special, indulgent, and luxurious.    

Think Château d'Yquem Premier Cru Supérieur on an August evening in the Hamptons.


Shop Tani USA Today

When only the most comfortable and durable undergarments will do, head to the website of Tani USA to start your shopping. The shopping options for men include briefs, boxers, boxer trunks, shirts, tank tops, lounge and thermal wear, multi-packs, and gift sets.

Women will find panties, leggings, tops, camisoles, slips, sleepwear, thermals, bundles, and gift sets. Tani USA frequently puts items on sale to make it more affordable than ever to cover yourself in luxury before you meet the demands of the new day.

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