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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges

Boxer Brief Collection

Want the best of both worlds in men's underwear? Boxer briefs have almost as much support as briefs with the comfort of boxers. Men's boxer briefs, because they are somewhat form-fitting, may often be the best choice for function, fashion and comfort under your wardrobe. They're also flattering on almost every body type.

Boxer briefs combine the long leg of the boxer with the support of the brief. So, a guy gets support, but with more coverage. Initial reviews were mixed. For men with large thighs, boxer briefs were too binding and would need to be pulled down after standing up. Changes in the design were made, and now boxer briefs have a much less binding band around their legs.

Today, the boxer brief category encompasses everything from trunks to longer-leg biker short style shorts.

Find your boxer brief style

From pure cotton to silk, men's boxer briefs come in fabrics and styles to suit any taste. For something entirely different, you might look at silk boxer briefs come in wild colors and patterns, from orange, purple, red, green, and more.

The Origin of Men's Boxer Briefs

The original boxer briefs were first seen in Calvin Klein ads. Huge billboards showing Mark Wahlberg (fresh off the movie "Boogie Nights") wearing a pair of boxer briefs with his legs wide open were everywhere in New York and in every magazine. Being the first new men's underwear silhouette to come along in a century, men immediately rushed out to purchase a boxer brief because they wanted to try something new.

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