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We are blown away - Amazing Quality

We are blown away - Amazing Quality

I ordered 3 pairs of Tani USA underwear.  2 for me and one pair for my wife.  ( she is the absolute pickiest underwear buyer on the planet ).   The garments arrived and we are blown away.  I have never in my life had underwear of this comfort level and quality.   The waist band does not roll over, not even on a man with a turtle body shape like mine.  Yes, I have a six pack, but sadly it’s well hidden behind a keg.   The elastic at the legs is snug and still allows for freedom of movement, without any “dangle” issues.  It does not bunch or ride up during a long day of sitting in an office OR while doing my treadmill jaunt. 

I am so pleased I added a link to the Tani USA site on my website page.   I get no remuneration from any of the links on our website.  They are there as my highest personal recommendations of businesses that I have found to offer exceptional service and quality products.  

Michael - British Columbia, Canada

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At Briar Blues, we will work with a select client base for pre owned pipes.   Many of these clients are well known in the pipe world and many prefer to keep their collection "re arranging" private and low key.  

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