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  • Men Are Upgrading Their Underwear
    January 4, 2021

    Men Are Upgrading Their Underwear

    Traditional brands don’t cut it anymore.  Among the most interesting brands is Tani USA, recently featured in GQ’s recent article The Best Underwear for Men Is Worth Every Penny. According to GQ: “If lightweight underwear is your thing, then Tani USA is for you.”

    Thanks to millennials and their quest for better products, the men’s underwear world has been transformed.  Men of this generation care about their appearance, so naturally, they are looking for underwear that suits their life and fashion style.

    According to GQ: Tani USA stands out in the crowd of men’s underwear brands because “Tani is in the business of underwear innovation and coming up with new ways to make underwear that feels like you're not wearing underwear.”

    Tani USA’s best selling SilkCut Collection uses the latest version of Micro Modal® Air.  Patented in 2012, Micro Modal® Air is thinner, finer and more durable than silk.  No other underwear brand uses this amazing fabric. The collection also integrates Tani USA’s patented “no grip” waistband.  

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    December 10, 2020

    Interview with Franck Danican, Stylist

    Guadeloupe stylist Franck Danican is a surprising man! The one who has been destined since his childhood in fashion and styling and who, for this reason, left his native Morne-à-l'Eau, is now the face of New York fashion photographer Victor Giganti. Since the sock brand Mrd London and swimwear brand Rufskin chose him to showcase their models, he has become a model. At 50, that's a feat! Interview.

    Did you see this reorientation of your career coming?

    It is true that I had already been offered to pose but I did not want to mix too much with young models ... But when at the beginning of the year, Mrd London and Rufskin suggested it to me, I jumped at the chance ... Today, I know the job from A to Z!

    How do you cope with this new status?

    This is the status it takes to come full circle! It's never too late to get things done, it's a dream ...  Read More

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  • 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Men’s Thermals & Pajamas
    December 7, 2020

    2024 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Men's Thermals

    2024 Holiday Gift Guide

    Men's Thermal Underwear that’s Ultra Warm & Light

    Anyone who lives in a colder climate understands the struggle. You break out your warmest clothing and hope you can keep winter’s sometimes endless chill at bay.

    And, hopefully, your wardrobe includes thermal underwear that keeps you toasty and protected from freezing temperatures. The best thermal underwear for men can make all the difference to your winter comfort level



    The last thing you need in the dead of winter is a pair of thermal underwear that doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t keep you warm enough. And what fits and feels right for another man may not have the same fit and feel for you.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re buying thermal underwear, and to help ensure you find a pair that best suits you:



    1. THE FIT

    Never disregard the fit when purchasing thermal underwear. While a pair may keep you warm and cozy when the temperatures plummet, you probably won’t wear them as much as you should if the fit isn’t right.

    A poor-fitting pair of thermal underwear typically distributes the warmth unevenly, i.e., there will be areas of warmth (even excessive warmth) and areas where there isn’t much heat at all.

    In cold weather, a snug fit is ideal because it traps the heat generated by your body and boosts overall comfort. Thermal underwear should function as a second skin that creates a comfortable layer between the fabric and your body.

    On the other hand, you don’t want a fit that’s too snug; in that case, you probably want to choose the next size up.



    Thermal clothing needs to breathe, which refers to its ability to let moisture out but also to prevent you from becoming over-heated. It should keep cold air out while distributing warmth evenly.

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  • Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside
    December 1, 2020

    Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside

    Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside

    In 2020, many of us have spent a lot of time indoors. As being cozy at home is the gift that keeps giving, we have carefully curated a few gift ideas that can make your loved ones feel even more comfortable in their humble abodes.

    SilkCut Stretch Lace Camisole by Tani USA ($35): This beautiful layering cami is luxuriously soft and lightweight, and still very resistant to keep up with a busy lifestyle. Created with the patented Micro Modal Air fabric and knitted in Europe, it is thinner and feels softer than natural silk.

    The ultimate cozy gift of the season, it is a very elegant piece that can be transitioned effortlessly from day to night. With a soft stretch that lightly contours to the body shape, this camisole redefines comfort in work clothes with an elegant design that features delicate lace details.

    The perfect gift for the ultimate fashionista, it’s one of the latest designs of one of our favorite underwear brands. 

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  • High-Tech Performance Boxer Briefs Are a Popular Choice Among Athletes
    October 14, 2020

    Performance Boxer Briefs Are Popular Choice

    With Thousands of 5-Star Reviews, These High-Tech Performance Boxer Briefs Are a Popular Choice Among Athletes

    High-performance means high quality. Don’t skimp on your underwear game. Regardless of discipline or sport, athletes, in general, have one common mantra: always bring your A-game. That applies to everything, whether you’re sharpening your jump shot or increasing the power of your straight punches. 

    But that could be a challenge if you don’t have the right apparel. Everything should be a good fit, from the jersey, trunks, sneakers, all the way down to the underwear, which many tend to neglect. Comfort is key because you don’t want anything holding you back.

    Good thing there’s a brand out there that provides the best boxer briefs for the superstar athlete. We’re talking about Tani USA’s top-of-the-line products. You can never go wrong with high-quality underwear, and this company provides just that. 

    Using newly patented, and innovative fabrics, Tani USA simply feels better and fits like no other underwear brand.  With thousands of 5-star reviews, read for yourself about the amazingly soft feel, superior comfort, high durability, and easy washability.  Tani USA is setting a new standard in men’s underwear.

    Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly they offer. We’re taking a look at some of their best offerings in the market today. All you gentlemen need to do is to pick the right one that’ll suit your needs.  

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  • The Best Underwear for Men
    July 10, 2020

    The Best Underwear for Men

    If lightweight underwear is your thing, then these trunks are for you. Tani is in the business of underwear innovation and coming up with new ways to make underwear that feels like you're not wearing underwear. These trunks are crafted out Micro Modal AIR, which, as the name suggests, is an extremely lightweight fiber.
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