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VIDEO: Get Fit Over 40

VIDEO: Get Fit Over 40

Looks like I may just have a new career as a men's underwear model! I recently was approached by the public relations department over at Tani USA / Tani Underwear to try out and review some of their super high end men's undergarments. I have been enjoying my Best men's underwear I reviewed earlier and have to say, a good pair of mens boxer briefs just makes you feel... well more comfortable and as corny as it sounds more relaxed and confident. Nothing digging into you and a super soft feeling where it really matters.

Getting back to Tani USA / Tani Underwear and their line of men's undergarments, if you want. Here is some background info on Tani Underwear.  


Tani Underwear / Tani USA is a premium upscale basics brand founded to meet the demands of the growing population of men and women who appreciate the very best in performance fabrics. We use the most advanced technology to create super-soft fabrics that are innovative, sustainable & extremely comfortable.  



You expect quality from the things you purchase. You appreciate craftsmanship, innovation and performance. We do too. That’s why we work with only the finest fabrics, innovative knits and finishes to make our collection of Tani underwear, undershirts and loungewear. It’s a level of comfort, fit and function unheard of and unmatched in the category. Designed with a clean, modern aesthetic for a timeless appearance and a smooth, sleek profile, we make men's underwear like nothing you’ve ever put on. So don’t be surprised when you’re reluctant to take it off.


Our singular mission is to set a new standard in luxury men's underwear.  We aim to create the worlds best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about men's underwear.


When you make the very finest products in a very particular category, it’s simply not an option. To design and create our collections, we source fabrics around the world that are both rare and newly innovated. We employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest, softest and smoothest fabrics. And the quality of its performance must be as high as the quality of its feel.


Our prevailing aesthetic is pure. There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks. Design is streamlined, classic with a nod to modernity. We want the first thing you put on in the morning to be comfortable, uncomplicated and complementary.

At Tani Underwear, we make luxury men's underwear for those who understand the distinction between fashionable and fashion, and for people whose expectations are as high as our own.

Welcome to your new favorite underwear.

There's a ton more info about the Tani Underwear line of products over on their website covering things like Fabric, Form and Function so go read up some more if you're interested.


Feeling great in your clothes begins with the right choice of underwear. Your underwear forms the foundation of your outfit. Most men don’t think about their underwear choice, let alone look for the best men's boxer briefs. That’s a big mistake. W

With the right information, purchasing the most comfortable men’s boxer brief underwear is one of the easiest steps to feeling comfortable in your clothes. Mens underwear fulfills a number of different functions.

  • It keeps your clothes clean by absorbing sweat and body fluids.
  • Thinner micro modal most breathable boxer briefs
  • It helps to support the genitals making them comfortable
  • It reduces friction between your manly parts and your trousers.
  • It helps regulate temperature, not only keeping the body warm but helping to cool it off when the right fabrics are used!

The Different Styles Of Underwear

Underwear style for the most part is a matter of personal preference.  Men’s underwear can be classified in two categories – mens underwear (boxer briefs, boxers, briefs or trunks, which are worn below the waist and undershirts, worn above the waist. In this article, we are only focused on the bottom layer on the lower half of your body – underpants. The most popular choices for underpants are briefs, boxers and boxer briefs (or trunks)

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