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The Underwear Expert: Tani Underwear A Winning Combination

The Underwear Expert: Tani Underwear A Winning Combination

Tani Underwear has always been a brand that pays a lot of attention to luxurious comfort and superior quality. Its dedication to fabric, form and function prove that Tani styles are a winning combination.

Tani’s fabrics are always high quality, and the company only sources the highest grade fabrics. Tani has spent a lot of time researching the latest knitting and finishing techniques as well as new fabrics. Its mission is to deliver a product that won’t feel like anything else when you put it on, and Tani has succeeded.

Tani Underwear is currently using Superfine fabric, which has an extremely high density and is finely woven, producing a really soft, comfortable and durable product. The company is also using a fabric called Micro Modal Air; Micro Modal Air is softer, thinner and more durable than silk. It’s natural moisture wicking abilities will keep you dry and cool with every wear. Tani is also using Micro Tencel, a naturally hygienic fabric that prevents bacteria growth. It’s softer than cotton and will eliminate up to 50% more moisture, and to top it off, it’s also eco-friendly. These are just a few of the great fabrics Tani uses.

Tani has created a design aesthetic that is both modern and sophisticated.The company shies away from the unnecessarily over the top designs and sticks to clean looking simplistic ones instead. Tani’s patterns and striped styles always have subtle variations and stick out from other brands.

Tani designs its underwear to work with you, not against you. The Freeform Collection is a great example of this. Styles such as the Freeform trunk have no hem or binding on the leg and have been carefully designed to not bunch or ride up. It lies flat against your skin, making a seamless, supple connection and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and cool. The leg openings also allow for extra mobility, so the underwear will keep up with you, no matter which way you choose to move.

Because the company is dedicated to delivering a product to you that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, Tani has spent countless hours producing innovative knits and using state of the art machinery to achieve this. The result is underwear that not only will keep you dry and cool but will move with you and withstand a lot of abuse. Tani has created a product that is so soft on your body that you will feel like a king but also stretchy enough to move with you for what ever you have planned for your day ahead.

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