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The Best Long Underwear Is Your Secret Weapon for Staying Toasty All Winter

The Best Long Underwear Is Your Secret Weapon for Staying Toasty All Winter

The Best Long Underwear Is Your Secret Weapon for Staying Toasty All Winter

Bring it on, blizzards. Do your worst, polar vortexes. GQ’s Best Stuff has uncovered the finest furnace-like base layers to keep you standing tall in the face of whatever winter throws your way.

The Best Long Underwear Is Your Secret Weapon For Staying

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Here’s a little secret, one that could put my Canadian citizenship at risk for sharing classified information with a foreign power. Ever wondered how we Canucks never seem to get cold? Not even in the deadest dead of winter, the kind that Kanye’s memories might fade in? 

The answer isn’t an evolutionary adaptation, or year-round exposure to freezing temps through peewee hockey, or overconsumption of poutine. It’s that we dress better than you. Maybe not always on the outside—though lumberjack flannels and denim-on-denim do have their charms—but definitely on the inside.

I’m speaking, of course, about long underwear, easily the most underrated method (outside of the Great White North, at any rate) for staving off the deep freeze.

Yes, a great puffer jacket will do wonders to keep you warm over the totality of a long winter. And sure, a pair of woolly socks and a cozy knit beanie are both valuable team members, too.

But it’s long underwear that prevents the chill from seeping in and rattling your bones, that stands tall in the face of arctic winds or polar vortexes or snow squalls or whichever flavor-of-the-week environmental calamity chooses to terrorize your city this year. 

When it’s the middle of February, and the air outside feels like road rash on your cheeks, it’s men’s long underwear (SilkCut Men’s Thermal Underwear) that’ll mean the difference between getting you out the door and over to the office on time, or quitting your job entirely in favor of huddling by the radiator in the Green Bay Packers snuggie your Aunt bought you for Christmas.

To help you get you into a set as soon as possible—to experience the untold, Tahiti-level heat they deliver—we scoured the market for the very best men’s long underwear on the planet, from old-timey waffle henleys to Black Diamond-ready high-performance mens thermal leggings. (Explore Tani USA Thermal Sets, PJ sets and Loungewear for men)

These are the base layers worth pulling on every day from now until March (or April; or May; screw you, climate change). Once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever survived in the cold without ‘em. Trust me—I’m Canadian.

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