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Review: Tani Undershirts & Thermals — Is A $75 Undershirt Worth It???

Review: Tani Undershirts & Thermals — Is A $75 Undershirt Worth It???

Review: Tani Undershirts & Thermals — Is a $75 Undershirt

Readers seemed to really like our coverage of Tani’s luxurious underwear, and so we are back once again with some more products of theirs in review. This time they sent over some things to wear up top and opposed to down below. First is their full set of thermals ($145). The colder months might slowly be moving behind us, but there are still some cold days ahead to be sure.

This set includes both a top and bottom that are designed to tightly skim and cling to the body and keep you warm on even the coldest of days. You would wear these under whatever you would normally wear, so beneath your chinos and dress shirt. What makes these so great, though, is that they also wick moisture and sweat, so unlike many plain cotton thermals that would collect moisture and leave you uncomfortable, these do the exact opposite, and leave your body breathable yet warm throughout the entire day. 

I can attest to this all first hand. They really are super comfortable, and they do keep you warm. Their Micro Modal AIR fabric does a great job here with this sort of garment, and really shines. They are also available in a variety of colors, if that is your thing. At full price they certainly are more than a little bit pricey, but they can often be had on sale for less. Plus, you really only need one set of these and you’re good to go for a while. 

The next thing they sent was their SilkCut crew neck undershirt ($75). Perfect for wearing under sweaters if they are a bit scratchy or on it’s own with a cardigan as if it were a standard tee. If you button your collar and wear a tie, then this can work great as a true undershirt as well (you just don’t want to see the crew neck when you unbutton your shirt, which is why we advise v-neck’s as a better undershirt option). This shirt is super comfortable, and once again features their Micro Modal AIR tech fabric. It’s stretchy, silky smooth, and really is of a higher quality than similar undershirts I have from other brands. Now, the elephant in the room is of course the price — and when you can get a super similar undershirt at Uniqlo for just about $10 or less, it is indeed a bit hard to justify the price of this undershirt. The quality is there, and these are, hands down, superior, thicker, richer, and better overall to what you get at Uniqlo. But it’s not 7.5x better if I am being perfectly honest. Still, if you want a top of the line Micro Modal undershirt, look no further. And, again, these can also often be had on sale for less than their normal asking price. 

Finally I did want to commend Tani on doing a great job with their sizing. While their sizing is a bit wonky (I usually wear a Medium but with them I am a Large in everything), their size charts are actually super accurate, so trust them even if they suggest a size that you would not normally select from other retailers. But what they really get right here is the sizing adjustments across products. After I tried on the Thermals in a size Large, which fit quite close to the body, I was nervous the undershirt would be the same. But it wasn’t. It was the same size, but fit perfectly like an undershirt as opposed to a thermal. So, they really get how to do sizing right across different garments so that the different undergarment still fits you perfectly, but correctly according to the sort of garment that it is. I guess this is just another thing you can come to expect from such a high end company, whereas some lower end retailers would likely not take the time to assure the fit is correct and consistent across their line. 

In the end, Tani once again delivered what they promised. Premium products at a premium price. Whether they are entirely worth their price, though, is something you will have to decide for yourself. 

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