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OneUp Your Underwear Game With Tani - Best Men’s Boxer Briefs

OneUp Your Underwear Game With Tani - Best Men’s Boxer Briefs

As I’ve gotten older, my style has evolved and matured. I traded in the graphic tees plastered with skater brands and the baggy jeans of my teenage days for solid color fitted crew necks and slim cut jeans.

I swapped the Airwalks (remember them, guys?) for Chuck Taylor’s, and ditched the punk bracelets for classic watches. I’m 30 and I’m not afraid to dress like it.

But for a long time I neglected to upgrade one piece of my style – my underwear. I was the guy who stuck with the five-pack of cotton boxer briefs, wore them until they were tattered rags, and went out and grabbed a new five-pack.

All the bunching and whiskering that came along with wearing them? I chalked it up to just being part of the deal.

Then finally a few years ago, I decided it was time to invest in some better underwear, and I’ve since managed to piece together a nice collection of higher quality, better fitting, more stylish and more comfortable drawers from a variety of brands.

And I was pleased with myself. From head to toe, I had evolved and I figured I finally had my skivvie game in check.

Then I found Tani underwear.

Oneup Your Underwear Game With Tani - Best Men’s Boxer

When I finally tossed out the bunchy cotton boxers for upgraded and higher quality drawers, I thought I had reached knicker nirvana.

But Tani is a brand that stands head and shoulders above its peers, and after sporting a pair of their underwear for only one day, it became easy to see that these guys know what the hell they’re doing.

Let’s talk logistics; some of my favorite underwear in my dresser are cotton/modal/elastane blends, and that’s generally what you’re going to find from some of the nicer brands. But Tani kicks their manufacturing into high gear and goes the extra mile.

These guys have actually spent years traveling the world researching micromodal underwear fabrics and have pieced together most comfortable boxer briefs and premium men’s underwear you’re ever going to own.

Just look at their MicroModal Air fabric – If you can believe it, it takes Europe’s most sophisticated fine-gauge knitting machines to make this fabric. It’s thinner, softer, and more durable than silk, and Tani is the only men’s underwear company on the planet that is using it in their best men’s boxer briefs.

Beyond just the softness and comfort, the fabric’s properties will actually wick away moisture from your skin, thus keeping you cool and quick dry underwear and avoiding the dreaded swamp ass. And you know how some boxer briefs – like my old five-pack cotton friends – will get wrecked after repeated washes?  These are the best men’s boxer briefs I've ever tried.

Not these bad boys. Wash after wash, the fabric retains its shape and color. Oh and did I mention they’re made entirely from sustainable natural resources in a totally environmentally friendly manner, AND they’re biodegradable? 

For the record, I don’t recommend you throw your underwear in the ocean, but it’s nice to know that if you do for some reason, it won’t kill any dolphins or coral reefs.

Oneup Your Underwear Game With Tani - Best Men’s Boxer


They are also using other insanely awesome and natural fabrics like Micro Tencel, Cupro, Swiss Cotton, Roica, and Superfine. Do yourself a favor; check out their Fabric page on their website and prepare to be amazed. I’m not kidding when I say wearing their drawers is like someone took your favorite old soft and worn-in t-shirt, dipped it in warm chocolate, and snugly wrapped up your bum and plums inside.

Now, what about the style? Personally, I’m a guy who likes simple, classic pieces. Soft-wash, solid color pocket tees or crew necks, dark-wash jeans, boots or white sneakers – I feel my best and am my happiest in comfortable, timeless, stylish gear, and my underwear are no exception.

Tani fits seamlessly into my wardrobe with the styles they offer, and you can find the perfect pair in a variety of classic colors mixed with waistband options from simple black that very inconspicuously feature the Tani name, to solid fabric elastic.

And if you want to score their best sellers in a bundle, they have multi-packs available that feature some of the fan-favorites for a sweet price.


 But Tani’s underwear game doesn’t quit with just boxers, briefs, and trunks. They even offer some of the most incredible thermals I’ve ever worn. I’ve used plenty of waffle thermals in my day – under my clothes to stay warm when out in the snow, or as pajamas to keep toasty on winter nights – but sometimes they’re just way too hot and you end up a sweaty mess.

Tani’s thermals are built to keep in the heat while still allowing your body to get some air.

Oneup Your Underwear Game With Tani - Best Men’s Boxer

They’re made with imported Japanese Viscose Micro fabric, which is sueded on the inside to be super soft, and interlocked for a smooth and tight finish. What I love most about them is that they’re breathable but warm, right in the Goldilocks Zone.

I never feel overheated or sweaty when I wear them, but I also never get a chill. They’re so soft and comfortable that you can’t help but want to wear them around the house and to bed on those chilly winter nights. Plus I kind of feel like Daredevil when I have them on, and who doesn’t want to be a superhero once in a while, right?

Guys, the bottom line is that if you’re ready to one-up your underwear game to the next level, it’s time for Tani.

And if you sign up for their mailing list, you get first dibs and details on all their sales and deals. Not only that, they’re hooking you up just for being so awesome – follow the link here and use the promo code OneUppedMag for 20% off your purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Score yourself some Tani and thank us later!

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