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Mantelligence: 7 Powerful Reasons To Upgrade Your Upgrade Your Underwear

Mantelligence: 7 Powerful Reasons To Upgrade Your Upgrade Your Underwear

By Kyle Boureston:
Most men own a few pairs of underwear that fit these descriptions:

Thin. Holey. Worn-out.

…And, like most guys, I’m sure you also have a few pairs like this:

Itchy. Baggy. Uncomfortable.

Now… I know what you’re probably thinking:
“So what? Yeah, I have a few pairs of those underwear… every guy does. I wear my one nice pair on dates, and that’s all I need. Right?”
I used to completely agree (and I wore underwear just like that)… 

but if there’s one wardrobe upgrade I recommend you make, it’s to upgrade your underwear.

From being exactly what women want (and expect) to see when they take off your pants, to being way less expensive in the long run (as they last longer), to being dramatically more comfortable (all day long)… high-quality underwear is one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe and yourself.

And below, I’m going to show exactly why with

7 powerful reasons to upgrade your underwear.

7 Powerful Reasons To Upgrade Your Underwear

I obviously don’t believe that all men’s underwear is created equal (or I wouldn’t be suggesting that you upgrade yours). So throughout this article, you’ll see I reference this upgraded type of underwear as the ‘right’ or the ‘best’ or ‘high-quality’ underwear.
…And at the bottom of the post (here), I included a quick buying guide to help you find this type of underwear… but I highly recommend you start by reading the 7 powerful reasons to upgrade your underwear:

Reason #7: You Don’t Have To Buy It As Often

Upgrade Underwear
Shop this style
If you ask most guys why they haven’t upgraded their underwear yet… they’ll usually answer with the same exact reason:

It’s more expensive.

…And I get it, I’m as frugal as the next guy… but what I (and most guys) didn’t realize was that when you upgrade your underwear, you end up needing to buy new underwear way less often. 

And this makes sense if you think about it:

When you buy a pair of low-quality underwear (usually in the $5-$25 range)… it’s going to be low quality. It was inexpensive for you to buy and it was likely made as inexpensively as possible.

Now… on the other hand:

When you buy a pair of high-quality underwear, it’s going to be made better, made with the best materials, and, above all, made to last.

To put this another way:

Just like buying a pair of quality shoes or a nicer suit… when you buy nice underwear, it’s an investment.
…And if you want a pair of underwear that will keep its shape longer (won’t get baggy or loose as quickly), will keep its color longer (won’t get faded as quickly), and won’t break down as quickly (in other words, last you considerably longer)

then make the investment in nicer underwear.

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