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High-Tech Performance Boxer Briefs Are a Popular Choice Among Athletes

High-Tech Performance Boxer Briefs Are a Popular Choice Among Athletes

With Thousands of 5-Star Reviews, These High-Tech Performance Boxer Briefs Are a Popular Choice Among Athletes

High-performance means high quality. Don’t skimp on your underwear game. Regardless of discipline or sport, athletes, in general, have one common mantra: always bring your A-game. That applies to everything, whether you’re sharpening your jump shot or increasing the power of your straight punches. 

But that could be a challenge if you don’t have the right apparel. Everything should be a good fit, from the jersey, trunks, sneakers, all the way down to the underwear, which many tend to neglect. Comfort is key because you don’t want anything holding you back.

Good thing there’s a brand out there that provides the best boxer briefs for the superstar athlete. We’re talking about Tani USA’s top-of-the-line products. You can never go wrong with high-quality underwear, and this company provides just that. 

Using newly patented, and innovative fabrics, Tani USA simply feels better and fits like no other underwear brand.  With thousands of 5-star reviews, read for yourself about the amazingly soft feel, superior comfort, high durability, and easy washability.  Tani USA is setting a new standard in men’s underwear.

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly they offer. We’re taking a look at some of their best offerings in the market today. All you gentlemen need to do is to pick the right one that’ll suit your needs.  

SilkCut Classic Boxer Briefs: Yours For Only $45

Gents, you’ve probably had this experience before: owning what’s advertised to be a durable pair of men’s boxer briefs, only to have them break down on you after just a few months of use. What a sad state of affairs, huh?

Well, that won’t happen to you with Tani USA’s best selling SilkCut classic boxer briefs. The patented Micro Modal Air fabric is extremely lightweight and naturally breathable, which keeps you cooler and drier than other kinds of materials.  The fabric is thinner, softer, and more durable than silk. 

Despite its amazingly light feel, this men’s underwear stretches and recovers like no other.  You don’t have to worry about ruining its quality even after a few hundreds of rides in your washing machine and dryer. And because of its amazing fabric, you won’t lose out on the softness and comfort aspect.  Available in a variety of colors.  Also available in bundles.

Hybrid Boxer Brief: Yours For Only $35

Tani USA takes the best high-tech fabrics and blends them into a performance garment worthy of a world champion athlete.  You’ve never felt anything like this.  Micro Modal Air and Micro Tencel are both known for their incredibly soft and lightweight properties, as well as their ability to keep moisture out of the way. 

Tani USA’s Men’s Hybrid boxer briefs have a non-chaffing pouch, making them perfect for any strenuous activities you gentlemen wish to partake in.  With superior 360° stretch & recovery, you won’t have to worry about any irritation as you dunk your way into that basket.  Available in black, grey, and navy.

What else can you ask for?

AirFit Boxer Brief: Yours For Only $30

There are three things a super male athlete looks for in a pair of boxer briefs: comfort, no-chafe, and perfect support. Guess what? Tani USA’s AirFit boxer briefs have all of that and more.

Made with 95% super absorbant Micro Tencel, the breathable pique knit weaves microfibers into a strong yet astonishingly soft fabric designed for high comfort and performance.  AirFit men’s boxer briefs literally wick away 50% more moisture than cotton boxer briefs.  Even better, these boxer briefs are naturally hygienic and inhibit bacterial growth.

Go ahead, hit the gym, run the race, or head to the office knowing you are wearing the best boxer briefs.  A pair of underwear that is as comfortable and as confident as you are. Available in navy or white with contrast piping.  Also available in bundles.

Smart Mesh Boxer Briefs and Long Boxer Briefs: Yours For Only $55

What makes these boxer briefs smart?  

Well, how about combining Micro Modal Air and COOLMAX® ALL-SEASON technology to create a highly desired cooling effect that helps you stay dry and comfortable to optimize your performance.  This unique fabric transports moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry on hot days, fiber structures provide insulation on colder days.  

Designed with breathable mesh accents, this high-tech smart fabric is highly durable and resistant to fading, shrinking, wrinkling.  Extreme stretch and recovery ensure long-lasting use and shape retention. This easy-care fabric is lightweight and breathable.

Best of all, these men’s boxer briefs won’t be bogged down no matter how intense your physical activity is. Whether you use it for running marathons, lifting weights, or doing submission grappling, it won’t go anywhere. Available in grey and navy.  Available in two lengths, long and classic boxer brief.

FreeForm Contour Trunk: Yours For Only $45

Men’s trunk underwear has become extremely popular with guys who are athletic and have thicker thighs. The men’s trunk underwear style can be worn under relaxed workout pants as well as under tighter jean styles. 

Tani USA’s FreeForm Contour Trunk is the embodiment of that.  First of all, it is made from the soft Micro Modal Air fabric that’s as light as a feather.  It is also knitted in a way that prevents it from unraveling or rolling, eliminating the need for binding on the leg.

The Freeform Contour Trunk gives great support without the excess fabric around the leg that can bunch up and need frequent adjusting. This versatile men’s underwear style is perfect for all occasions, events, and seasons. You can wear them all day, at home, in the workplace, or at the gym. The high cut will keep it breathable while the contouring pouch will keep everything in place.  

Once you experience owning a pair of these bad boys, you may not look at men’s boxer briefs the same way again. Yes, they’re that comfortable. Available in both Micro Modal Air and Extra Long Staple Cotton from the Sea Islands.

And if you want to give Tani USA, be sure to use promo “ATHLETE”. Save 20% sitewide, including sales items and bundles. That’s a bargain worth going after, so hurry and get yours today. 

Don’t skimp on your underwear game. Go with Tani USA.


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