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Gent’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Gent’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Do you feel the angst and perhaps even a slight panic attack slowly creeping up on you as you stare blankly into your office wall in terrible realisation that Father’s Day is just around the corner? You’re a good son, you love your dad and, of course, you want to show him your affection and appreciation for his contribution in your upbringing in the best possible way, but is it a bit too late to organise something truly special?


Of course not, so man up! There are so many diverse, elegant, and unique gifts you could get your old man on short notice that the only problem is choosing the perfect gift to compliment his affections and lifestyle. In case you’re all out of fresh ideas, here is your gent’s guide to getting the perfect Father’s Day gift!


For a bearded fella....

In case your dad is a true beardsman, an elegant bearded male in his prime, then there is no gift he would enjoy more than a box of Avaj beard care products. What better way to flatter his debonair personality than allowing him to bring his beard game to a new level of class, with quality beard products such as a beard shampoo and conditioner allowing him to perfectly nourish his manly mane.


Imbue his life with comfort...

Comfort is when the groin fits perfectly in the saddle; pardon the vivid image in your head. If your old man loves strolling around his living room in comfortable clothes that allow him (and his groin) to breathe, de-stress and challenge the following day with a smile on his face, then a set of comfy Tani USA loungewear and underwear pieces is the perfect gift for him! 


Suits aren’t comfortable; sitting in meetings or running around all day doing errands and picking your mom up from yoga class certainly isn’t comfortable, so let the man have his peace and enjoy those few hours of the day imbued with leisure and serenity.


Support his DIY craze...

Sure, your mom might cringe every time she hears the ominous sound of a hammer destroying (or fixing from your dad’s standpoint) her beautiful bathroom vanity or any other of her carefully chosen amenities around the house, but it’s Father’s Day, so give your dad something that will make him a better wannabe handyman and maybe even decrease your mom’s cortisol levels. 


The best thing you could do is get him a set of unique DIY supplies, including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and everything else him and his crazy DIY friends might like. Not only will you indulge his unhealthy habit, but you will also, God willingly, deter your mother from going all Chuck Norris on his ass.


A meal to remember...

How about a non-material gift? I know, the very notion is laughable and even scary given your frightening lack of imagination, but just bear with me for a second. Remember when your parents told you when you were a kid that you can’t buy happiness? 


Well, they were wrong, you certainly can, and the best way to buy your dad some happiness for Father’s Day is to bookAt Your Table, which boasts the best private chefs in London who will make him (and your mom, of course) a meal so mind-numbingly amazing that he will cherish this night for the rest of his life.

Remember, the way to an old man’s heart is through his stomach!

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