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Dress Like a Man: Mens trunk underwear

Dress Like a Man: Mens trunk underwear

Dress Like a Man: Men's Underwear 2.0

Dress Like a Man: Mens Trunk Underwear

Brand: Tani mens underwear website / mens underwear brand

Style: SilkCut Mens trunk underwear

Cost: Approximately $45

Specs: 94% Micro Modal / 6% Elastane

Description: "Our SilkCut Mens trunk underwear is best underwear to wear because it is luxuriously soft and lightweight underwear, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. Tani makes micromodal underwear unlike its competitors.  Knit in Europe with the downright brilliant Micro Modal® Air fabric, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk. And it is a first in men’s underwear. Despite it’s remarkable soft feel, our Simple Trunk stretches and recovers as it hugs your body in a level of comfort you'll quickly get used to."

Impressions: The first words out of my mouth upon putting on the Tani Mens trunk underwear was, "dang, these are really soft". True statement.

I was very pleased with these and appreciated the simplicity of the fit, coupled with the complexity and function of the fabric. There are no hidden pouches, pockets, or anything extemporaneous. While I definitely appreciate those things, sometimes simplicity can be seen as a lazy way out. In the case of Tani, it is clearly not. They appear to put a lot of effort into being uncomplicated, yet providing a modern underwear that is is super soft ("thinner and smoother than silk") and has features that us active men can appreciate ("the fabric’s natural properties wick moisture away from the skin to help keep it cool and quick dry underwear").

Over the past few weeks, these have continued to serve me well. They stay really in place during wears, with no riding up, and I hardly even feel like they are on. As much as underwear can be called "luxurious", these fit that bill.

Tani also has a bunch of other items outside of underwear. Check them out online for shirts, loungewear, and thermals. They are launching a Women's line this spring as well, so stay tuned!

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