Sooo cool news in the life of Trev,  I recently was contacted by the awesome company Tani Underwear Company and asked to try some of their products. 

Honestly had no idea what to expect.  At the time I had not heard of the brand or what type of products they deal with.  Once I checked out their men’s underwear store I was pretty stoked!  They have selections ranging from best men’s boxer briefsbest men’s underwear, mens trunk underwear, mens briefs underwear, mens long john and thermal underwear, to loungewear, to best undershirts for men tank tops, shirts, and pajamas! 

The set that I received was the pursuit hip briefs, the FreeForm  ELS Cotton V-Neck shirt, and a tank top that has yet to be released yet! Below I will provide a picture of each item and my Men's Underwear Review with a sizing guide to accompany!

 Men's Underwear Review


Tani Pursuit Hip Briefs-  A little backstory on me, I didn’t become a “briefs” guy until about 5 months ago, for reasons I would rather not talk about (briefs were chafing my quads like a motha).  So imagine my excitement when Tani sent me some awesome briefs!!  At first glance they look like a normal pair of briefs.  The real change comes when you touch them THEY FEEL LIKE A SILK BAG FULL OF PUPPY EARS! Honestly wearing these briefs is like sitting in a cloud and I couldn’t be happier when I wear them. I have a 32-inch waist and wear a size medium, which fit great!  12 out of 10 would recommend.  Check it out HERE


 Men's Underwear Review

Tani FreeForm ELS Cotton V-Neck- Another product that I received was a super soft V-Neck!  One awesome thing about the Tani brand if you cannot already tell, is that all of their products are CRAZY SOFT!!  I’m talking basket full of bunnies soft!  Hen I slipped this shirt on my mood was instantly brightened.  The fit is also great, not too tight in the chest and arms, but form fitting enough to give a solid V-taper.  My chest is a 42 and I got a size Large.  They tend to run a tiny bit small!  Check it out HERE

 Men's Underwear Review

Tani best men’s tank top undershirt- This tank is again no exception to the soft rule.  Ever been hugged by someone covered in silk head to toe? That’s exactly what wearing this tank is like!!  I have yet to wear it in the gym due to the amount I sweat, but I do wear it to sleep and around the house on my lazy days.  It is honestly the most comfortable tank I have ever worn! 

Overall, this company is one to watch out for.  The fact that they put so much emphasis on the quality of their apparel gives me great hope for their future.  I look forward to reviewing more products from this awesome company!