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9 Pairs of Best Men’s Underwear

9 Pairs of Best Men’s Underwear

9 Pairs of Best Men’s Underwear

No matter what kind of man you are, we’d be willing to bet that of all the style pieces you own, the one you probably give the least consideration to is your underwear. We’re guilty of it ourselves. When we need new undies, we typically default to the age-old classics like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, or if we’re feeling classy, Calvin Klein.

It’s tragic, really, because your underwear is critical. How it fits, how it holds up to constant washing, how it feels—all things we tend to disregard in exchange for our more style-centric outerwear like t-shirts, jeans, watches, jackets, etc. Underwear is an important part of every man’s wardrobe, yet it takes a backseat to everything else nine times out of ten.

Well, damn it, that all changes starting right now. Here are 9 excellent men’s underwear brands you need to keep your eye on. 


Tani claims they make “the world’s best men’s underwearmost comfortable underwear that will change the way you feel about underwear.” And while the photos on their website with the bros and the babes are a little sexy, we have to say, they make a damn good underwear.

Their Pursuit Hip Briefs are perfect for men who don’t like excess fabric, but aren’t quite into the whole tighty whitie thing. They feature Tani’s own patented eco-friendly active performance fabric (68% polyester, 26% Cupro, 6% elastane), which not only absorbs moisture, but is also specifically designed for sensitive skin. The fabric has a cooling touch on the skin making it one of our best men’s underwear$45






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