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5 Things Men Should Splurge On (Comfortable Men’s Underwear)

5 Things Men Should Splurge On (Comfortable Men’s Underwear)

There’s a good chance you’ve been told it’s not worth investing in basics like belts, socks, and men’s underwear.

“Stuff you use every day shouldn’t cost too much. What’s the point? You’ll wear it out anyway,” they say.

I even wrote a short article a few years back stating the same thing.

But today, I’m retracting that statement. I’ve lived a little. I’ve experienced a bit more. And I’ve realized this: in the long run, it’s often worth the investment.

You use these five things every single day. They directly affect your comfort level. So consider spending a bit more to get the best you can afford.

Here are five items that you probably skimp on… but I suggest you start investing in.

Premium Men’s Underwear

Like I mentioned earlier, I stated a few years back that underwear is something worth skimping on. I suggested that it’s okay to buy the cheapest stuff possible, because no one sees it anyway.

I guess that made sense to me at some point. But honestly, after spending a bit more on my boxer briefs, it’s made a WORLD of difference.

5 Things Men Should Splurge On (comfortable Men’s Underwear)

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What’s changed? Mostly, the fabric… which means better quality and comfortable men’s underwear.

Top-quality comfortable men’s underwear is made from luxurious, high grade fabrics like MicroModal® AIR, Micro Tencel®, and Swiss Cotton.

“High grade fabrics” sounds like an unnecessary luxury — until you try it. Comfortable men’s underwear feels like it’s not even there. Invisible. 

On top of that, these fabrics are naturally hygienic, moisture wicking, and stretch-resistant. They’re also far softer and more durable than regular cotton.

Bargain-priced boxer briefs fall apart after a few weeks of repeated washing. They fade and stretch (even while wearing), completely losing their shape.

So you buy more. And more.

All the while, you’re never truly comfortable. The fabric is rough and scratchy. The seams are bulky and tight. They dig into your sensitive areas. When that pair of underwear finally softens up, it immediately starts coming apart.

My advice: Start with ONE PAIR of well-made men’s premium underwear. Just one. Live with them for a bit. Really get a good wear out of them. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Try Tani comfortable men’s underwear.

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