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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Beard Lovers: Premium Men’s Underwear

5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Beard Lovers: Premium Men’s Underwear

Buying a gift for an ordinary guy is one thing – finding a perfect present for a true pogonophile is something else. If you ever thought this was going to be easy, it’s time to get serious. Beard lovers deserve more than a basic department store gift that doesn’t have a real purpose.

Firstly, if you have bearded friends, you must know how cool  they are, especially when it comes to anything that has to do with their most important piece of jewelry – the majestic beard.

Secondly, a true beard aficionado was never the type of a guy who settles with anything that’s ordinary or simple – either you pop up with a jaw-dropping present or you simply disappoint. In a way, it’s easy to tell how bearded men feel about the birthday gifts, so respect the occasion and be up to their standards. Here are some of the birthday gift ideas you might want to consider before you hit the party.

All natural beard oil

Wait for a second! You really never thought of this one?!

Come on, it’s too easy. These gentlemen care for their facial hair more than they do for anything else in their lives, except maybe family and friends (this is a big MAYBE though).

Remember that we are talking about a bearded guy, who also happens to be a hedonist, so don’t even bother buying a basic product. There is a range of  that every bearded guy would always go for, so do your research on time.

Quality wine

A quality wine makes a good gift as well

It’s unimaginable for the quality wine not to appear on this list. Every party lovin’ bearded guy enjoys pouring wine to his friends, perhaps even more than tasting it.

If we’re talking about a good friend, you probably know what countries he plans to visit during a lifetime, so google the wine lists of those countries before choosing a particular bottle. Also, consider opting for a wine that is superior to its conventional counterpart,  made using special methods. Experts claim that these wines remain drinkable for a longer period of time, which is quite important to a man who regularly throws parties in any season.

Beard accessories

Even though beard care market offers many different accessories these days, very bearded guy should own couple of smart accessories for beard care.

Having these things in mind, a  is definitely must have for a true bearded care devotee.

If you are not familiar with those  products, visit the local barber shop for help or go through online reviews for the right one.

Good piece of underwear

Zach Caruso in Tani USA underwear

Premium men’s underwear is something that every true gentleman needs.

Stylish beardsman should never leave his home without wearing good comfortable men’s underwear underneath their outfits. This is because their lifestyle requires a lot of unforgettable everyday moments that, sometimes, they need to look their best when the clothes come off. This is basically what all men live for – enjoying every minute and living it to the fullest. Also, have in mind that guys with beards feel that their presence must not be overlooked by anyone in their vicinity, thus they need to feel completely able to react in any situation that may emerge, including looking handsome for a good-looking woman – anytime, anywhere. 


Lastly – a perfume.

Having in mind that bearded men spend a lot of time taking care of their looks, a perfume is another must-have product that you can easily find.

No groomed man leaves the gym smelly and messy. The style is practically their family name, so make sure you ask which perfume he uses or wants to possess. He is likely to have a collection of perfumes, but buying him another one won’t do any harm – these guys enjoy the variety and quantity as much as quality.

You do realize whose birthday party you are going to, right? Things can get complicated, so be prepared to spend some time planning the perfect gift. Make sure it’s well packed too because bearded men are not only picky but they also notice all the details that everyone else usually overlooks. Pick the gold-colored paper and don’t forget to attach a special note. Cool bearded guys organize the best parties, so do your best to be invited again.

Images: unsplash.com


Peter is a men's health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag from UK. Beside writing he worked as a men's grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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