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What is the best underwear for sports?

What is the best underwear for sports?

What is the best underwear for sports?

Men's Sport Underwear

If ever comfort and support were important, it's in the choice of activewear and men’s sports underwear. Many of today's manufacturers offer athletic underwear lines that are attractive enough for everyday wear and can often be an alternative to an athletic supporter. Tani USA offers a new collection of men’s performance underwear called “Smart Mesh”.

What underwear do guys wear to the gym?

Find Your Style in Men's Athletic Underwear

You're not confined (no pun intended) to the blah styles of yesterday.  Brands such as Tani USA, Calvin Klein, New Balance, and Under Armour offer styles that include athletic boxers, stretch briefs and boxer briefs, stretch cycle shorts, and jockstraps.

What are sports underwear called?

Jock, Jockstrap or Jock Strap

Formally known as an athletic supporter, the jock or jockstrap used to be SOP for boys and men when participating in sports. Consisting of a rather wide elastic waistband, jockstraps also have leg straps that connect at the bottom of the jock's pouch, go through a guy's legs, and attach at the sides of the waistband. The jock strap is to a guy's balls as a sports bra is to a woman's breasts.

The name of jock or jockstrap has a curious history. In Scotland, the nickname for John is Jock. And like the nickname Dick is also slang for penis, so the nickname Jock too became slang for penis as well. So, this is part of the story for the name.

The original athletic supporter was invented back in 1874 as a solution to cyclists who were riding on the cobblestone streets of Boston. Back then, the term "Jockey" meant "rider." So the first name given to this garment was the Bike Jockey Strap. With its wider appeal for other sports, the name was eventually shortened to today's jock and jockstrap terms.

In recent years, since the 1980's, there has been a decline in the use of jocks. Since the basic objective of jockstraps is to eliminate the flopping around of men's genitalia, men have found other alternatives that look more mainstream and have a less scary and embarrassing aesthetic.

What are other types of men’s sport underwear?

Compression Shorts - Most players in the NFL have foregone the jockstrap in favor of compression shorts. With all their required padding, they would just as soon minimize what they can - especially below the waist - in order to maximize their speed and movement. Therefore, compression shorts have become a staple in football and most other sports.

Even though compression shorts are far more expensive than the basic jock, amateur and professional athletes seem to prefer them. The compression short looks like a spandex biker short. It provides groin support and steady uniform pressure across the abdomen, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles. It's the same thinking as post-surgery. If you compress the tissue, you will prevent swelling and vascular pooling.

Compression shorts are comfortable to wear and are less embarrassing to be seen in. They have become a kind of status symbol to be seen peeking out below your gym shorts. They come in great performance fabrics like Coolmax, mesh, micro modal, and cotton with spandex. Tani’s new Smart Mesh collection features both mens sport underwear long and mens sport trunk underwear.

What about men’s sport underwear support?  Men’s sport underwear for running?

Activewear Underwear - Underwear to be worn with activewear is more than jocks and compression shorts. Men’s sports trunk underwear for example is a great alternative.

There are other athletic wear items as well. For example, men need to have a collection of sports t-shirts made in performance fabrics. Cotton t-shirts are traditional, but now with Coolmax and micro modal, athletic t-shirts can actually move the moisture away from your body while working out or training. 

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