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Top 5: Reasons Mens Underwear Matters

Top 5: Reasons Mens Underwear Matters

Top 5: Reasons Mens Underwear Matters

From projecting confidence in your day-to-day activities to improving your sex life, what’s underneath your trousers has a bigger impact than you think. Men these days need to take advantage of the many different styles, fits and materials that are available in the men’s underwear market. Although it might be difficult to step away from wearing the traditional whites, blacks and grays, it's time for a change.

Underwear shows more than you think

Men tend not to wear their pants around their waists anymore, especially when it comes to jeans. Low-rise jeans are made to sit on your hips and this leaves the waistband of your underwear exposed. Your underwear is more visible than you think; the slight bend over or lift of your arms can show the world what you’re rocking down there. This is why you should be wearing something with a stylish waistband. Showing a waistband that’s just not up to par may be the reason why that girl you were just chatting up at the bar has suddenly become disinterested. Women notice these things — and they could be deal breakers.

Underwear makes an impression

For fashionable men that care about how they look and the clothes they’re rocking, underwear should be a part of this equation. Make sure that you look right from head to toe. Socks, underwear, belt — these all play a part in bringing together your overall look. There are lots of guys out there that will spend hundreds of dollars on designer shirts and pants, and then go buy the cheapest socks and underwear that they can find. It’s the details that tie your outfit together and add that extra appeal.

A good example is when you start dating someone new. It is very important to make the right first impression, so wear the right underwear. If you want to start off that new relationship with a bang, flattering underwear is the way to go.

Good underwear increases comfort

Having a good assortment of colors is part of the battle, but make sure that you are getting the proper fit. Respect your body size and shape, and buy your underwear accordingly. A pair that is too tight will not only be uncomfortable, it can also cause poor blood circulation and be harmful to your little soldiers. Loose underwear not only portrays insecurity, it can look like you are wearing some sort of adult diaper.

To help get the best fit, buy fabric that has at least 5% spandex built in. Also, stay away from nylon and other synthetics as they can cause excessive sweating. A cotton/spandex blend is the best way to go.

Good underwear increases confidence

Wearing a quality pair of underwear adds an extra hop in your step. Change how you feel throughout the day by adding some excitement to your boring 9-to-5 routine. You might have a dress code at your workplace, but you will always be able to express yourself with your favorite underwear. If you are feeling well-supported and well-presented down there, these feelings will shine through and be noticeable by those around you.

When your pants come off and your woman is turned on by what she sees (underwear, that is), you know you've bought the right pair. A good, fitted pair of colorful underwear will tell a women that you’re confident with your body and not afraid to show it off. This, of course, is a huge turn-on for them, and will result in something good for you.

You never know when a woman will see your underwear

Ever fantasize about that random, steamy sexual encounter that happens out of nowhere? Like joining the mile high club with the hot stewardess that has been staring at you all flight. Although these situations are only realized by the true players, they do happen. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re best prepared. Whether you are taking a flight, going to work or walking your dog in the park, always be ready for the unexpected. Make sure you’re wearing a nice, fresh pair, because you never know who’s going to be the lucky women that gets to see them.

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