Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges


Christmas. This family and warm holiday still cause panic. Every year, the preparations for New Year’s Eve causes stress.

So this year, we relax and we anticipate. Here is a list of tips. We also help you find the perfect men’s underwear to wear for this holiday season.

And because we’re nice, we’ve prepared a special selection of trendy and special Christmas boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, and men’s loungewear. 


To prepare for Christmas, we have selected some tips that will help you better anticipate the rush of the last days. Between the meal, the dress, and other preparations, no need to waste more time.

Shopping in advance helps you spread your expenses and save time. Anticipating Christmas and shopping in advance can spread your budget. You don’t have to pay for everything in one go.

December is a difficult month for the wallet! It is better to leave $100 in November, then $100 in December rather than $200 in the same month. 

Taking it early also avoids panicking on Christmas Eve and running into all the stores looking for the missing gift. Anticipate allows us to avoid stockouts and queues when we arrive at the cash register.

The organization is the key to spend Christmas without stress. It is also an advantage to find the perfect gift on the internet and not be afraid of the date of receipt.

Take advantage of promotions and special offers

Anticipating Christmas shopping will also save you money. Indeed, you benefit from more attractive prices with offers and special promotions. This is no longer a secret, Christmas prices are generally revised upwards. Brands increase their prices as the day approaches … This is often why we receive several Christmas catalogs. 

In addition, November is the opportunity to enjoy Black Friday with a lot of promotions. Black Friday, originally only present in the United States to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving, has landed in France and across Europe. 

Initiated by e-commerce brands, this day is synonymous with big discounts on all online stores but also in all department stores. Enjoy it, Black Friday only lasts 4 days 😉

Shopping on the internet rather than in physical stores

Far from the noise of the shops and the stress of the holidays, make your presents on the internet a few weeks before Christmas is much more relaxing. We can stay at home, find gift ideas for men, women, and children, and order beautiful surprises.

Ordering on the internet also allows you to create wishlists via the shopping cart. Indeed, before you even go to the payment, you can select your favorite items. Finally, know that there is no faster than the internet to compare prices and avoid compulsive shopping. You inevitably make savings.

By following these 3 tips, you are sure to save money, save time, and be less stressed. This will help you focus on what’s really important. Enjoy the people we love and have a good time. 😉


The holidays are coming. The perfect opportunity to give gifts to people we love, but also to get ready for the most beautiful evening of the year. To be perfect on Christmas Eve, everything must be highlighted … including invisible things…

Have fun with beautiful mens boxer brief underwear or loungewear!

What better for the end of the year to choose luxury underwear to stay in the theme. 

Tani USA has created an amazing pair of holiday underwear that takes holiday celebrations to a new level.  Check out our new men’s gold glitter boxer briefs.  Sensual and romantic, the gold gives radiance to the body.

According to the custom, putting on new underwear would even bring happiness for the new year to come. 

You can wear breathable men’s boxer briefs in plain and bright colors. For lovers of more discreet things, opt for sober underwear with contrasting color details or with Christmas patterns. There are many choices, it’s up to you.

Regarding the cuts, everything is allowed. Whether you prefer men’s boxers, boxer briefs or briefs underwear, this is the opportunity to dare new forms. The best is obviously to wear something that you find attractive and in which you are most comfortable: boxer, thong, brief, tanga or jockstrap underwear, choose according to your preferences. 

Finally, for the fabrics, choose the one that best suits your skin: Choose from our luxurious Swiss cotton men’s underwear for a soft and breathable effect or microfibers like micro modal, or Tencel for a naked, light, and refreshing effect.

The Best Underwear is a Great Gift for Men

Year after year you don’t know what to get for your boyfriend, your friend, or your brother who never thinks to buy themselves new men’s breathable boxer brief underwear. But what better to surprise those for whom you have no gift ideas than new underwear, especially if they need it.  (which most men do - read here

On top of that, offering holiday boxer brief underwear can bring good luck for the new year. Like the Christmas sweater, nice holiday underwear is the perfect opportunity to celebrate. So make your family and friends happy and offer them beautiful underwear for the holidays. 

Find the perfect pair of boxer briefs and boxers, as well as luxury loungewear. Be careful though, do not gift underwear to just anyone.  Indeed, these gifts can only be between people sharing a minimum of privacy. Don’t offer that AirFit Contrast Brief to your boss or your best friend’s husband!


(UNDER $50) The Perfect Boxer Brief - $45 

Give him the best boxer briefs he’s ever tried.  Our best seller is made from micro modal underwear fabric that is thinner and finer than silk. Lightweight and naturally breathable, these boxer briefs will keep him cooler, dryer, and more comfortable than any other pair.  Guaranteed.  Available in assorted colors, prints and also available in multipacks


(UNDER $100) Cozy Lounge Shorts- $95

Give him the best boxer briefs he’s ever tried.  Our best seller is made from a micro modal fabric that is thinner and finer than silk. Lightweight and naturally breathable, these cozy lounge shorts will immediately put you at ease, calm, and relax you.  Perfect for lounging, sleeping, or hanging around.  Available in navy blue and grey.


(UNDER $150) Soft as Silk Thermal Set - $45 

Whether you’re skiing in the Alps, chilling by a fire, or lounging around the house, these thermals are unlike anything you’ve ever felt.  Thin enough to wear under clothing without additional bulk.  Softer than a feather.  So comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing anything. Available in white, black, navy blue and grey.

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