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This is the Underwear That Women Want You to Wear

This is the Underwear That Women Want You to Wear

This is the Underwear That Women Want You to Wear

We asked, they answered: 200 women on the men's underwear they find most attractive


When you get dressed every morning, unless you're a die-hard commando bro, you have to put on underwear—a clean pair hopefully. And despite what you might think or how you currently behave, those underwear should be as stylish as the clothes you layer on over them. But what constitutes a stylish pair of skivvies is debatable depending on who you ask. Well, since often times the only person to see you in said underwear is the woman you're taking them off in front of, we asked a variety of women (200 to be exact), what kind of men's underwear they find most attractive—boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, or trunks. And then we dug a little deeper, into things like shape, pattern, and how revealing they should be. Their answers were enthusiastic, thorough, and at times hilarious—turns out these ladies (this writer included) want to see more butts and they cannot lie. Here for you to use as you see fit are the responses to the great GQ male underwear survey.


The Best of the Boxers:

Boxers are considered the classic, the not-too-crazy, not-too-showy option. But for the women who prefer them, what kind of boxers are best? Turns out they liked patterns over solid colors. But be forewarned: Be careful how cutesy you go with those patterns.

"The navy ones are the shortest pair of the bunch — I want to see as much quad as possible when undressing a man. And that sensible, dark print would hide any untoward stains."

"I love the color and it's not plain but it's not too funky either.

It says I'm classy but I can have fun too."

Why Women Love Them:

Here's why women preferred boxers over any other type of men's underwear.

"I grew up with boxers. I had no idea the options until I moved to

NYC. I'm a classicist."

"Boxers seem to go along with the type of guy I like. Classic, but not his dad's underwear."

"Oxford cloth boxers that fit right. You can't beat it!"

"I don't want my guy's underwear to look anything like mine. Boxers

are the best option."

"Perfect amount of reveal, plus I look sexy in them with the top

rolled down."

"The rest are too tight and over indulgent. boxers are relaxed and

chill, not full of themselves."

The Best of the Boxer Briefs:

Boxer briefs have the length of boxers but the fabric of briefs. They provide more support and because they're tighter they show off more of a man's, ahem, form, something that women cited as their favorite aspect of the style. The breakout star here is by far the black Calvin Kleins. Women liked the sleek silhouette and the fact that the dark color hides stains. Have we discovered a rampant problem among American men?

"Black is always classic, and, if I'm washing them I wont have to see your stains."

"Calvins are just so iconic and ooze sexiness."

"It's like lingerie for men. It's hot as hell."

Why Women Love Them:

Here's why women preferred boxers briefs over any other type of men's underwear.

"Boxer briefs make men look more muscly. They're also what men are wearing whenever a man appears in an ad for women, so I associate them with hot dudes."

"Sexier than boxers and accentuate thighs."

"They fit well under clothes. Man-ty lines are no bueno."

"Boxer briefs are like the Goldilocks of men's underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right."

"They are the most manly looking to me. I'm not into taking a guys pants off and seeing boxers with reindeer on them in June."

"Makes the butt and thighs look great. Boxers are what my dad wears, briefs are what the 7-year-old I nanny wears."

"Boxer briefs are so attractive on a man; they are complimentary and boxers give too much freedom :)"

"I like boxer briefs because there is no chance of a peek-a-boo sighting. And they usually fit a guy better."

"Mostly I like slim-cut boxers in technical fabrics, but the appearance of those is closest to boxer briefs, which are appealing because they're more manly in appearance than briefs and more form-conscious than boxers."

The Best of the Briefs: Most of the women we asked were not fans of briefs. Many referred to them as "tighty-whities" in a derogatory fashion. Others said they remind them of their dad. But still there were a few diehard fans.

"I'm not a huge briefs fan, but I have seen too many pictures of David Beckham in gray briefs to not be attracted to them."

"Gray isn't virginal like white briefs, but it's light enough that you can still see the outlines of your junk."

"Grey. The lesser of three evils. Tighty-whiteys have sort of a cultural stigma and the black with white piping reminds me of American Apparel: a nexus between cheesy and skeevy."

"Not really into this style because it reminds me of my dad, so I went with the least dad, most design-oriented pair."

"If you're going to wear a garment vaguely resembling women's bikini bottoms, keep it simple. But no white. Boys don't separate their lights and darks, and white gets dingy fast."

"White is like your dad's underwear which, like, no. Gray is a cool man's color. White piping makes your junk look like a cartoon."

Why Women Love Them:

Here's why women preferred briefs over any other type of underwear.

"I like men who are in shape and comfortable with their sexuality and briefs represent that at least among western dudes."

"I love how briefs make a guy’s butt look."


"My favorite type on men. These guys are more confident and not afraid of losing masculinity in normal underwear."

The Best of the Trunks:

Trunks are basically boxer briefs with shorter legs. They often come in more athletic fabrics and colors. Think Cristiano Ronaldo wearing his own line of underwear. Women were into these but didn't have extremely strong opinions, except for when it came to big branded logos which they pretty much all hated.

"Makes me think of Zoolander for some reason."

"Army green feels tough and manly."

"Weirded out by the bands."

"I feel like they would highlight the butt well."

Why Women Love Them:

Here's why women preferred briefs over any other type of underwear.

"Tight enough to show off a nice butt. I like that I'm not the only one that can wear something tight."

"I like that the legs are a little bit shorter but not so short that it looks like a bikini bottom."

"Trunks offer the best assessment of what I'm gonna get when they come off."

"Before having many TMI conversations with my husband, I would have chosen boxer briefs. However, it seems that both he and I ended up preferring trunks. The shorter legs are nicer in the heat (we live in Singapore), but don't have the possible wedgie/look like grandpa problem of briefs."

The Final Results:

Boxer briefs won out by a landslide and briefs only received a sad 5%. But don't let that change what works for you. The most important thing is that you're comfortable.

Hey Boy, You Do You:

Some women didn't feel strongly about this survey at all. In fact, they were pretty open to different options.

"Depends on the man. On my husband; boxer briefs. But boxers are cute too."

"On a fit guy, as long as the underwear is in good condition, I guess anything looks good!"

And What About the Package?:

Just to be sure we covered every base, we asked women if it mattered to them how a man's package looks in his underwear. The answers were mostly positive if not aloof, but more interestingly they were mostly about butts.

"I don't want to see the whole package at first glance. Leave a little mystery please."

"I mean, bonus, but not mandatory. I care more about the butt!"

"It's more about how the underwear looks on him. he shouldn't be wearing old underwear that is so worn out it sags in the crotch."


"Nah. At that point, the package is probably about to be unwrapped. I'm more concerned about how it looks in his pants. Bulge is gross and distracting. I WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS AND APPRECIATE YOUR MIND."

"In its resting state, the package should not bulge."

"Only if he is actively trying to be "sexy" or wear an attractive pair of underwear. If he's just walking around in them then no."

"I care more about his ass."

"Not really, at the end of the day. It's probably more important than the underwear not look bulky under his pants."

"As nature lets it hang is great with me. Scrunched up looks...uncomfortable and makes me cringe for him."

"Hopefully it looks good. Ideally just not weird or smashed."

"I haven't really considered this."





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