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Silk Boxers are Very Comfortable & Sexy

Silk Boxers are Very Comfortable & Sexy

Best Men’s Silk Boxers that are Very Comfortable & Sexy

One of the first things that pop into the minds of many people when they hear the word silk is “luxury.” Comfort is another.

Silk has the potential to combine comfort and luxury, including in men’s underwear. That’s certainly true of the best silk boxers, including our pick, the Tani USA Men’s 100% Silk Boxers.

We’ll also talk about silk vs. satin and other fabrics, what to look for when buying silk boxers, and how to wear them in a way in which you most enjoy their benefits.

We’ll also talk about silk vs. satin and other fabrics, what to look for when buying men’s silk boxers, and how to wear them in a way in which you most enjoy their benefits.

We think it’s an important topic given the recent popularity of silk boxers and given how important comfort “down there” is to men.

Let’s start with some buying considerations.



Suggesting that you choose silk boxers that fit properly is more than a little obvious but still an important enough point to emphasize. Wearing boxers that are tight presents its own set of problems, while boxers that are too loose can bunch up, which is not only uncomfortable but also noticeable if you’re wearing tighter pants, such as form-fitting dress slacks.

The good news is, however, that silk boxers are less prone to “bunching” than those made from other fabrics. Many men prefer silk boxers that are a bit shorter than other types of boxers, such as boxer briefs, which quells the bunching issue even more.

Also keep in mind that the sizing for American and European brands may differ, which is particularly important if you’re making your purchase online.

  1. COLOR

Silk boxers come in a variety of colors and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a pair, or pairs, that match your favorite hue. You’ll also have plenty to choose from if you prefer patterns over solid colors.

  1. PRICE

Silk is one of the best fabrics, period. It’s wrinkle-resistant, repels odor, and more durable than you may think. It also costs more than other fabrics so beware of the price when you research the best silk underwear options for you.

  1. CARE

Carefully read the instructions regarding the care of each brand of silk boxers. Silk is more delicate than cotton and, unlike cotton, you can’t just toss them in the wash with the rest of the laundry and call it good enough. Well, you can, and some silk boxers are machine washable, but make sure you follow the care instructions carefully. Proper care will help your boxers last a long time.


Like most men, you have your reasons for wearing boxers rather than other types of underwear. You might wear them because you like how they feel, or because you’ve worn them for many years and saw no reason to switch.

Or, maybe your partner prefers them. Some studies show that women prefer a little mystery when it comes to your man rig and regular briefs don’t leave enough to the imagination. Briefs also may look too casual and obvious.

But there are other reasons why you may choose boxers over briefs, as well as ways to wear them to maximize their potential. And, strange as it may sounds, boxers have plenty of potential.


Most of us can agree that boxers are looser around our, ahem, junk than briefs. So, it makes sense that boxers are better for our balls than other underwear, and there’s research to match it. For one, wearing boxers has a positive effect on sperm quality; tight, binding underwear can increase your testicular temperature which, in turn, leads to poorer sperm quality.

If your plans include becoming a father, wearing boxers – because of their sperm-friendly qualities – will help you get there. The key is reducing the heat around your testicles (so stay away from hot tubs and saunas while you’re active in the baby-making process). But you also need to give it some time, i.e., the production of sperm takes several weeks, so slapping on a pair of boxers for the first time on the night you want to get your wife or significant other pregnant won’t work.


If you don’t have a lot of confidence in your body, or just don’t like the way it looks, boxers can help make things a bit less noticeable. Boxers are better than briefs for hiding a beer belly or a drooping old-man scrotum.

Boxers aren’t the best choice of underwear for your daily gym workout but in most other cases where extra support isn’t needed, they’re perfectly fine. And we strongly recommend boxers over nothing at all. You guys who like to go “commando” risk offending someone and leaves you with no support around your man parts. Plus, there’s the whole idea about commando and cleanliness and, well, letting it all hang out isn’t such a great idea.


It’s easier to show off your creative side with boxers because boxers come in a multitude of colors, styles, etc. Rather than wear an ugly Christmas sweater, why not wear a pair of holiday-themed boxers instead? Or, wear a pair that has professional patterns that demonstrate your maturity, etc. Either way, you can – and should – have some fun with it.


Before you slap on any old pair of boxers consider the following:

The best time(s) to wear loose-bottomed boxers

Boxers generally have looser bottoms than briefs and boxer briefs. That helps to give them a more relaxed feel, which helps make them ideal for laid-back, lounge-around days. They pair well with relaxed-fit jeans and pants and longer shorts in a regular fit. By “longer” shorts, we mean shorts that are long enough to conceal the bottoms of your boxers.

Wearing boxers with tight-fitting pants

No rule says you can’t wear traditional boxers with form-fitting pants but bunching can be a problem. Briefs and boxer briefs work well with slim-fit jeans, khakis, and tailored dress pants because their more fitted style reduces bunching. Go for it if you want to wear regular boxers with tighter-fitting pants but check things out in a mirror before you go public.

Don’t be sentimental when it’s time to toss out a favorite pair of boxers

You know how it is with a favorite pair of shoes that you’ve worn for a long time: they fit like the proverbial glove and are so comfortable that you may not even notice that you have them on. But you can also wear them beyond the point of no return when it’s obvious that it’s time for a new pair.

The same rule applies, at least in a roundabout way, with boxers. If you have a pair that’s ripped, graying, or even a bit nasty, toss them out without remorse. At the least, you should put on a fresh pair every day – c’mon fellas – and even wear more than one pair a day if you work out or are in any other situation in which you sweat profusely.


There are plenty of reasons why some men choose silk boxers over boxers made from other fabrics – such as cotton. The latter is perhaps the most common underwear fabric and one that many men have worn their entire lives.

But, answering the question of whether silk boxers are better than cotton boxers, and vice-versa, isn’t so easy and often comes down to individual preference. Besides, there are other fabrics from which boxers and briefs are made, such as nylon, polyester, microfiber – you name it.


It’s hard to beat silk as a fabric choice, whether it’s for boxers, outer garments, handkerchiefs, and so on. But there are many benefits for choosing silk as your boxer material of choice. Here’s a look at some those benefits:

Silk has a more “luxurious” feel to it, although luxury is in the eye of the beholder. But, it’s also hard to deny how comfortable it feels compared to other fabrics. It’s less constricting, if you buy the correct size, that is, and won’t give you that binding feeling.

Silk is lightweight compared to other fabrics, which makes it ideal for hot summer days and nights, or for any season for that matter. Indeed, silk fabric does a good job of adapting to the temperature around it. So, if the temperature outside is frightful, silk can help keep your body well-insulated.

Silk is, as referenced above, both modest and sexy. Silk boxers have a more modest look than crotch-grabbing briefs, but many women find them sexier because of the way the fabric hangs on a man’s body. It’s revealing in its own way, but not overtly like a pair of tightie whiteys.

Silk fabric is thinner around the waistline which provides more belt freedom. The extra fabric on a bulkier waistline fabric is often a bit too constricting.

Silk absorbs moisture while allowing moisture to evaporate, which reduces your chances of getting rashes or infections. While it may not be as effective as underwear made from moisture-wicking materials, it still helps keep you cool and dry when temperatures rise.

All that said, however, silk has some potential drawbacks for would-be buyers, including its cost. Silk boxers typically are more expensive than boxers and briefs made of other fabrics, while silk isn’t as easy to clean and maintain as cotton or other types of briefs. Also, silk doesn’t offer the same type of support as cotton and other materials so it’s not as suitable for activewear.


Cotton earns the “king” label for how much it’s used in the manufacture of men’s underwear and hundreds of other garments. For a long time, cotton was just about the only fabric used for making underwear, but things have changed a lot over the past several decades.

Cotton obviously wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t come with many benefits, including that it’s highly-breathable and hypoallergenic. Cotton also has a high moisture absorption rate, which means it doesn’t stay very dry when you sweat.

An advantage of cotton is that you can clean it with methods that would ruin your silk boxers because it’s heat-resistant and able to withstand detergent and bleach. But the downside is that cotton will shrink if not cared for properly.

Cotton provides ample support for your junk when exercising, at least when compared to silk, but can also lead to abrasion and irritation. Nylon underwear is considered a better option for working out.

Something else to keep in mind is that 100% pure cotton doesn’t have much stretch and may feel constrictive during certain activities. But boxers and briefs made from a cotton blend will provide a more comfortable stretch.


If you want an alternative to cotton briefs but aren’t as keen on silk, then you should check out nylon.

Nylon is a generic designation of a family of synthetic polymers. It’s strong stuff, which means products made from it are durable. Durability in underwear is a good thing. Nylon doesn’t lose much of its strength, even as it ages.

While cotton is great (and silk is fantastic) nylon has some advantages, including that its smooth texture is abrasion-resistant – which is why swimwear often consists of nylon – while it holds in the heat, a definite advantage during the winter. Nylon is also lightweight and dries quickly, thus making it ideal for many types of active wear.

Nylon underwear may not be as comfortable as cotton – that’s debatable – but it’s more than comfortable enough and is as smooth to the touch. Also, nylon doesn’t lose its shape and, as mentioned, is lightweight. It stays in place better than most other types of underwear and doesn’t ride up and bunch around the groin area, which is a relief. All you need to do is choose the right size and leave it at that.

Modal underwear is a more recent trend than cotton and nylon, but it shares many of the same properties with cotton. It’s airy and absorbs moisture very well, is soft the skin and abrasion-resistant, and doesn’t stick to your manhood as you go about your day. It’s also shrink-resistant (rayon, not your manhood).

Finally, synthetic fabrics have gained popularity, not the least of which they’re designed to wick away sweat and other moisture. They’ll keep you dry and comfortable while reducing the risk of fungus or other not-so-pleasant bacteria-related ailments in your nether regions.

One of the downsides of synthetic fabric is that it’s often made with petroleum byproducts and, hence, not very environmentally conscious. If that’s important to you, then do some research on synthetic fabric manufacturers to find eco-friendly options.

We discussed some things to be aware of when shopping for men’s silk boxers and many of the same rules apply to how we choose the best silk boxers in 2020. But, above all, comfort is king, and a lot goes into why some boxers are more comfortable than others, i.e., they don’t bunch up, you can sleep in them without restriction, etc.

We looked for men’s silk boxers that didn’t have the issues above, as well as those with some durability. We understand that underwear doesn’t last forever, as much as some of us would like it to, but you shouldn’t have to replace yours every few months, either.

While style isn’t as important as comfort, it’s another factor to consider in choosing the best men’s silk boxers. Not that anyone is going to see your boxers – at least not in public – but, hey, there are those private moments with a loved one in which you don’t want to show off a shabby pair of drawers with overly-goofy patterns on them.

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