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Popular Men’s Athletic Underwear for Working Out

Popular Men's Athletic Underwear for Working Out

Popular Men's Athletic Underwear for Working Out

Both men and women know that not all underwear is created equal – especially when it comes to men's athletic underwear. Chafing, rubbing, and even a rash can be the result of wearing an ill-fitting pair of underwear during a workout session.

Luckily, there is a way to be comfortable while working out, so long as you know what kind of underwear to look for. Below, we delve into the fabric and fits of underwear that is ideal for a sweaty session at the gym.

Shopping for best men’s boxer brief underwear is about more than color or style. Instead, your main focus should be on the fabric. When it comes to working out, there are really two underwear fabrics to be on the lookout for cotton and microfibre. (Micro Modal or Tencel) These two options are the best material for men's athletic underwear.

Cotton is great because not only is it super soft, it’s also the most breathable boxer briefs, which is exactly what you want when you’re sweating excessively. Further, studies have shown that cotton helps you give off less post-exercise odor than many of its competitors, owing to its high absorption rate.

That said, if you’re doing a high-intensity workout or tend to run on the sweatier side, you may want to consider another fabric, like microfibre, as cotton is not quick-drying, which means by the end of your workout you will be left drenched.

On the flip side, microfibre, (micro modal, micro modal air, Tencel) unlike cotton, is both stretchy and quick-drying, ensuring you’re not soaked leaving the gym. Microfibre options are typically made out of synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex (lycra), or polyester. 

Nylon, in particular, is very breathable and cooling, which allows cool air to reach the skin underneath, while simultaneously wicking moisture from your skin into the fabric, where it then evaporates.

Meanwhile, spandex (lycra) is a dream when it comes to stretchiness (fun fact: spandex can stretch up to six times its normal length, before easily snapping back into shape). Thus, the type of workout you’re doing, regardless of sweat, may also dictate which fabric you should go for. For example, if you know you’ll be moving your body every which way in a yoga class, then spandex is definitely a winner.

It’s All About the Fit!

Best fitting men’s underwear

Although not quite as important as fabric, the fit is still something to consider when shopping for men's athletic underwear. The key is to find a pair of men's athletic underwear that fits your body snugly without riding up. 

Comfort is the most important factor when buying mens underwear, especially for wedgie-inducing exercises like squat reps or an hour on the stationary bike. If you’re weight training, then a pair of fitted, moisture-wicking trunks or briefs might do the trick.

But if you’re running (and want to avoid bulky panty lines), then a mens trunk underwear might be your preference. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong fit of underwear to wear while working out, so long as they fit correctly and don’t ride up.


Overall, we recommend having a wide range of men's athletic underwear in your arsenal, so no matter what form of exercise you do, and no matter what workout clothes you’re wearing overtop, you’ll be ready to go.

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