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Micro Modal Underwear


Experts have said that they believe that the wrong choice of undergarment could affect your health. There are some aspects to explain this situation. We know that there are some diseases for women’s chest when they discover that something is wrong with the chest. In this way, women could endanger their health with their undergarment choices.

First of all, we need to know that we have to avoid thongs. Even though saucy undergarments can help with warmth in the room, wearing the wrong undergarment could damage your health. I know that I don’t like thongs because it makes me uncomfortable when I wear it all day.

You might think that just remembering to put on undergarment every day is good enough, but we're here to tell you differently. Believe it or not, some of these mistakes of choosing the wrong undergarment can even harm your health. We all know that wearing undergarment is a great no-no, but did you know that there are mistakes just as detrimental to your health and style that you could be making every day? Here are some undergarment mistakes that could mess with your health:

They Are Too Small - Many people do not believe there is anything wrong with wearing the undergarment that is a bit small. After all, they are the only ones who will know, right? However, aside from not giving yourself a muffin tops, there are many good reasons to ensure you are buying the right undergarment. An undergarment that is too small can keep your downtown area hot and moist, which is the ideal breeding place for bacteria and infections. The same goes for wearing pantyhose often.  

Choose a Micro Modal Underwear blend, preferably Micro Modal Air Underwear.  They are proven to be both the most comfortable underwear for women, but also more breathable and moisture wicking than the lower level micro modal fabrics from less expensive brands.

They Are Washed With Fragrant Detergents - if you're like most people, you probably start your undergarment with the rest of your clothes and call it a day. Unfortunately, the soaps and fabric softeners you might use for your jeans and shirts can be wreaking havoc on your lady bits. The skin below tries to be more sensitive than the rest of your body and can be incredibly irritated - even by something as simple as a scented soap.

You Sweat Then Sit – We’ve all been there, you hit the gym for intense training, then run some errands on your way home and sit around for a bit, all with the same sweaty clothes.

Even if you plan to shower later, you should always change out of your workout clothes as soon as possible, especially with when it comes to an undergarment. Not only are tight, sweat-soaked clothes irritating your skin, but they can also create a perfect environment for bacteria that will flourish in the body. If your sweaty undergarment is rubbing against your skin, it can also lead to some pretty unfortunate chafing.

You Sleep In Them - This does not necessarily apply to all women who sleep in undergarment but also affect many women. Wearing the undergarment at night does not seem to affect some women, but for others, it may irritate any conditions they have or crack them to flare up.

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