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Men’s Boxers

Men’s Boxers

Men’s Boxers / Men’s Boxer Shorts

Mens boxer shorts were initially introduced in 1925 and were known as ‘shorts for boxers’. This was the first time elastic waistbands were used in the mens underwear. Even though it took some time to gain popularity, the mens boxers underwear style is true to its namesake. 

Inspired by the actual boxers, the underwear extends a few inches above the knees. However, they lacked the support that the union suits offered. The problem of bunching and riding up highlighted the need of mens undergarment that fitted the body snugly. However, the baggy style kept everything airy and comfy.

  • Despite the change in the need and preference of men as well as the presence of several underwear styles, boxers are of the most popular mens underwear articles till date. However, modern boxers are mostly designed in form-fitting styles that hug the wearer snugly.
  • Most mens boxer shorts used to have a fly opening in front. Some of the best mens underwear had metal snaps while others had buttons. However, the trends have changed and the modern designs do not have fastening mechanisms to close up the fly.
  • Lace Boxer:
    The masculine style combined with the tender touch of lace is for all those who like to push the boundary of their style. Keeping the wearer bang on trend, the flimsy fabric keeps the crotch airy and dry all day long.
  • Sheer Boxer:
    Taking the conventional underneath article to the new height of sensuality, the sheer boxers for men allows you to flaunt a lot of skin. With the same support, these boxers add a voluptuous edge to your sex appeal.
  • Pouch Enhancing boxers:
    The undies provide enhancement contraption to the wearer. The pouch lifts the manhood and enhances the visibility of the manhood. Unlike the padded underwear, these skivvies provide natural-looking bulge.
  • The first and foremost advantage of the mens boxers is the fact that they are extremely comfortable. The loose fit allows airflow. With ample ventilation, mens boxers underwear is a perfect option for everyday use.
  • The traditional mens underwear with a touch modern pouch enhancing technology elevate the position of the entire package. The abrasion-free pouch reduces chafing and sweat secretion. As sweat retention reduces, skin problems such as rashes, itchiness, and irritation reduce gradually.
  • Along with comfort, the contemporary styles of boxer shorts even offer the best support for men.
Best for
  • Mens Boxers to date is one the most used and best men’s underwear styles. Wear it at your workplace or for any sort of a party of get-together.
  • If you like to keep things romantic in your bedroom, then, the silk boxers are an apt option for you. While the lace boxers can help you flaunt your kink side.
  • Above all, a comfortable style is a perfect option for the laid back evenings and weekend plans.


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