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If Your Boxer Briefs Do This, Throw Them Away Immediately

If Your Boxer Briefs Do This, Throw Them Away Immediately

If Your Boxer Briefs Do This, Throw Them Away Immediately

We probably don’t have to tell you why boxer briefs are so amazing. Most people have figured it out already. They deliver the same support you get from briefs, without any of the hangups. You also get the same level of coverage that boxers provide without having to worry about the legs bunching. And of course, boxer briefs are ridiculously flattering, whatever your shape and size.

Unfortunately, not all underwear is created equal! And even the best boxer briefs can’t last forever. So keep an eye out for these six tell-tale signs that it’s time to ditch your undies and find a pair you actually look forward to wearing.

  1. They fail to prevent chafing

It’s your underwear’s job to protect you from uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. If your skin is rubbing together or your jeans are digging into your thighs, you’re going to have problems. Dealing with inflamed skin is unpleasant, to say the least - especially around your sensitive parts.

In other words, your underwear needs to stay in place. If the legs ride up, your underwear is either too big, too old, or poorly designed. If it’s too big, you’ll see excess fabric hanging in the back. If you’ve had them for a long time, they’re probably past their prime and it’s time to get a fresh pair. If the size seems right and they’re brand new, but you’re still feeling chafed? Say sayonara and find a new brand of boxer briefs. 

  1. They create skin bulges

If your skin bulges over at the waistband or thighs, your underwear is too small. Even if you don’t notice your skin bulging, too-tight skivvies may feel uncomfortable at the seams or leave impressions in your skin. This can also be another source of chafing. 

Unfortunately, sizes vary a lot from one brand to another. But there’s no reason to put up with a pair of underwear that doesn’t fit. You should always check the brand’s sizing and compare it with your measurements before you buy a new pair of underwear. 

  1. They don’t stay dry

For some underwear, even a light sweat is hard to shake. If you find that your boxer briefs are damp all day, that’s a problem you shouldn’t just live with. Moisture on your groin creates the perfect conditions for fungi, meaning you can end up with jock itch and other unsavory conditions.

Damp underwear is a sign that you need higher-quality boxer briefs. The best fabrics will wick moisture away from your skin to keep you clean and dry. Cotton blends, modal fabrics, and other moisture-wicking fabrics are better suited for people who sweat easily than 100% cotton underwear. 

  1. The elastic is worn out

If your elastic is too relaxed, your underwear will bunch and sag in all the wrong places. There’s no use wearing a pair of underwear that won’t stay in place, but you can keep the next one taut by following the product care guidelines on the tag. (For underwear, cold water is typically best.)

Of course, even if you wash and care for them correctly, you might be buying the wrong kind of underwear. If you bend, stretch, and move around a lot each day, you need to find a pair of underwear that can keep up. Boxer briefs designed to stretch and move with you won’t ride up when you’re running, while premium, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you dry on a hot day and prevent smelly bacteria from drawing unwanted attention.

  1. They slide or droop

Good underwear stays in place all day. It’s really that simple. If your boxer briefs need constant adjusting, they’re not worthy of you. The only way to avoid getting caught messing with your underwear is to trash them and find a pair that won’t  

You should be able to sit, bend, or jump without your undies sliding down or bunching up. If they don’t stay in place, they probably won’t keep things in place either. Boxer briefs should offer plenty of support, and most fans appreciate the assist. If you can’t run up a flight of stairs without painful bouncing or jostling, you’re wearing the wrong pair of boxer briefs. 

  1. They’re full of holes

This should seem obvious, but there is a rather large population of shredded undies hanging out in dresser drawers. No matter how sentimental you may feel about a particular pair of underwear, you need to put them into retirement as soon as they’re tattered. 

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