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The Best Underwear for Men


Too much of the time, men’s underwear is an overlooked part of his wardrobe. Relegated to the backs of dark dresser drawers and thoughtlessly donned every morning, it suffers neglect: maybe you’re stuck in a rut, busy with life or spending money elsewhere. Life happens. But, refreshing your underwear is as important as buying a new toothbrush. What’s more, it’s comfortable and looks good — so you’ll feel better, too.


There are numerous styles and countless options available in fabrics like cotton, merino wool and high-performance synthetics. Here are our choices of the best underwear out there today in just about every permutation possible — read on for our recommendations.



Briefs might be considered the most practical underwear due to their supportive fit, non-creeping tendencies, breathable cotton fabric and no-nonsense waistband. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with white cotton, but there’s a range of colors and patterns available depending on your taste. Other options are made with odor-fighting merino wool, cooling bamboo fibers and breathable synthetics — all worth a look.


Boxer Briefs

In the mid-’90s, John Varvatos — then the head of menswear design at Calvin Klein — invented the boxer brief. This brilliant melding of boxer shorts and traditional briefs boasts the support of briefs while providing additional length in the leg for more coverage. The hybrid style is both comfortable, supportive and flattering.


Trunk Briefs

Trunk briefs toe the line between traditional briefs and boxer briefs. Longer than the former and shorter than the latter, they essentially have the same cut as Sean Connery’s swim trunks in Goldfinger, hence the name. Again, because they’re a bit longer than the traditional brief, they appear more modern than traditional briefs. Definitely geared more for the athletically focused, they’re supportive without feeling restrictive in the upper leg.


Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts were designed to provide the same freedom of movement as shorts worn by boxers. Typically made of materials like cotton and silk, the only restrictive part of this underwear is the elastic waistband — the rest of the boxers are designed to fit loosely. They’re an incredibly comfortable option that’s become one of the staples.


Long Underwear

Long underwear doesn’t just come in waffle-knit cotton. In fact, newer styles are made with a host of new fabrics suited for everyday wear and athletic endeavors. Appropriate for the coldest months, long underwear is a necessary base layer to keep you comfortable — styles are available from both performance and heritage brands.

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