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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
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Cover All Your Bases


Here's a controversial statement: All men, regardless of age, occupation, or lifestyle, deserve great underwear. That is, underwear that both feels and looks better than just “good, I guess”.

That means all types of underwear. Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs — if it goes on first, it should be something that is going to provide supreme comfort. This means it should fit properly, be free of any holes you don’t need to put your legs through, be less than five years old (that’s not scientific, just seems right), and doesn't result in cringing by those around you when your pants come off.


Beyond being a practical necessity, slipping on a decent pair of underpants in the morning is one of the most important parts of starting a new day. Think of a good, clean, well-fitting, sexy (yes, sexy) pair of underwear as a psychological advantage. Sure, some guys will argue that the state of your underwear doesn't really matter. Nobody's going to see it, they'll tell you. The hell do they know? Didn’t your mama tell you to always wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident? It’s best to leave the skidmarks on the road.

Seriously though, if you ever take off a fine Italian suit to reveal ratty, dingy, dirty tighty-used-to-be-whities, your junk's first impression is ruined — forever. So now that we all agree, the challenge is to find you just the right pair.

Types of Men’s Underwear


Boxers: Best for leisure sports, relaxed wear and loosely tailored dress pants.

Boxer briefs: Best for sports, everyday wear and tailored dress pants.

Trunks: Best for medium-intensity sports, everyday wear and tailored dress pants.

Briefs: Best for low-intensity sports, everyday wear and tightly tailored dress pants.



Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear


Cotton: The OG. Breathable, comfortable, durable.

Modal: A semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp generally considered to be a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees don’t require much water to grow and therefore the production process uses about up to 20 times less water.

Viscose: A semi-synthetic fabric made from tree wood pulp such as beech, pine, eucalyptus, and most commonly for underwear, bamboo.

Nylon: Moisture-wicking and quick drying, this is the fabric of choice for most sport-friendly underwear.

Polyester: Another fabric used for active underwear, polyester is durable and holds it shape well wash after wash.


How to Shop For Underwear


Given purpose: Pick a pair with a specific purpose in mind. Daily briefs can work against those workout goals if the fit and fabric isn’t right.

Know your size: Fitting varies greatly from brand to brand, so protect yourself by following the size charts online or in-store because when it comes to underwear, if you try it, you buy it.

Pick the right fabric: Despite most guys preferring cotton, there are other great options including satin, silk and synthetics that play different roles depending on the function.

Spend smart: You pay for premium performance, so invest in quality wear and buy in bulk. Do you need to drop cash on designer underwear? No. But you need to be open to buying something above the bargain bin at Costco

The right style: Active lifestylers should lean towards briefs, while relaxed types can settle on boxers.

Wardrobe connection: Never mix lights and darks no matter what undershirts or pants you rock.


Lots of different styles, looks, and degrees of premium-ness to consider — and each has its own place in a man's wardrobe. Here are some of the best models available that offer A-grade value without threatening your riches. Keep in mind that almost all of these are available in various colors so be sure to click through to see the options.


Best Boxers for Men


Generally loose-fitting, boxers provide the least amount of support out of all styles. Since nothing is too constricted, air circulates more freely, resulting in the most breathable option for your balls. While traditional boxers tend to be baggy, newer options lean towards slimmer cuts.

Best Trunk Underwear for Men


Arguably the most popular among men, trunks are the beautiful hybrid of briefs and boxers. The most recognizable trait of trunks is their squareness, which is due to their shorter legs. They are highly versatile since they hug the body, avoiding the potential bunchiness of boxers. If you usually wear briefs but are interested in trying something different, start here.



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