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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Workout

Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Workout


Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Workout

Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Work out

By Peter Minkoff

Considering the current situation, most fitness enthusiasts have had to make sacrifices to stick to their routines. No gym access, the ongoing lockdown, social distancing, and a slew of other preventative measures have made it much more difficult for guys to genuinely enjoy their regular lifting sessions or their martial arts courses. No close contact, remember? 

Plus, celebrating a birthday in these circumstances is far from ideal. However, you can make it worth their while by lifting their spirits on their special day with a fitness-inspired present that will keep their motivation and their zeal alive. Here are a few must-have fitness gadgets and items with which you can surprise anyone with an athletic personality, and make their birthday as memorable as possible!

Underwear for active men

Active men appreciate gifts that help improve their fitness journey through comfort and durability. So, instead of getting him something he’ll forget about over the course of a week, why not invest in a present he’ll wear regularly and enjoy every time he trains? Look for the best men’s underwear options to find a model that’s perfect for his build and for his activity of choice. 

If you know that he enjoys high-intensity activities, then you can find the best underwear to prevent chafing and thus enable him to train comfortably and prevent skin trouble and infections. Then again, you can easily get a mixed batch of underwear and throw in boxers with button fly as a stylish, but functional and comfortable addition to his fitness underwear collection. 

Purposeful training undershirts 

For men who spend hours in training and physical activity, form and function truly need to come first when choosing their wearables and fitness gear. Still, there are items that can last them for years, or that fail to live up to their expectations, so they refine their taste over time. Instead of getting them another classic cotton t-shirt, aim for a moisture wicking undershirt that will help him stay fresh and dry during his long training sessions. 

Also, make sure that it’s an undershirt that stays tucked in so that he can continue training no matter how complex or explosive his movements become. Selecting the right fabric for these undershirts and the perfect design can make all the difference for a training enthusiast! 

Energy-boosting supplements

Regular gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts know very well just how taxing any workout can be for their body and energy levels. More often than not, they’ll invest hours into devising a nutrition plan that will match their workout plan, which is why they will also rely on supplements to ensure not just to prevent deficiencies, but also to boost their metabolism, fat burn, and elevate their energy levels. 

This is your opportunity to provide him with a supplement based on yohimbe, an evergreen tree whose compounds allow athletes to perform better and retain their energy. When it’s time for a birthday present, you can buy yohimbe supplements online from reputable vendors to help him fuel his workouts and stay on top of his fitness goals. This will allow him to train while improving his metabolism and the ability to recover after training. You can turn your gift into a supplement basket and purchase whey protein as well, as one of those fitness favorites of every gym-goer who wants to build muscle and shed fat. 

Outdoor workout wearables

Let’s face it, the pandemic might not be going away any time soon, but our fitness cravings can be quenched with the right routine. However, the equipment and clothes you typically wear at the gym might not always do you any good for outdoor training. In case the man you’re about to surprise with a present has a similar conundrum, then a thermal underwear set for men is a perfect choice. 

Training outside during the summer is simpler in terms of clothing, but as soon as the winter months start rolling in, he’ll need the right protective thermal underwear for extreme cold to prevent catching a cold. If he likes winter sports such as skiing, mountain climbing, or hiking during winter, this is an ideal choice to let him nurture his athletic spirit without jeopardizing his health. 

Get techy with fitness accessories

Technology has certainly advanced to a great extent in the past several years, and to the overwhelming joy of many fitness lovers, tech has also found a way into the world of sport. Making your workouts more goal-oriented and improving your performance is even easier with the help of fitness trackers, which monitor your vitals, help you check the calories you’ve burned, and allow you to get inspired by your progress.

Add to that, if the man in question is all set in that department and already owns a perfect tracker, you can get him a pair of wireless headphones to get energized with their favorite playlist, but without worrying about convenience. Aim for headphones that are resistant to water and temperature fluctuations and that are suitable for his preferred activity. 

These sporty gifts are purposeful and functional, and they’ll easily help any athlete stay on the right track with their fitness goals even in these unfortunate circumstances. Use this short guide as a source of inspiration when it’s time to surprise your athletic men, and make their workouts more exciting, performance-driven, and functional than ever before. 

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