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Best Underwear For Your Body Type

Best Underwear For Your Body Type

Best Underwear For Your Body Type | Men's Boxers, Briefs Or Trunks


It's basic clothing.

Good for our health and hygiene.

Like others…

You're probably wearing one of these:

  • Boxers
  • Briefs
  • Boxer briefs
  • Trunks

But are you wearing the right men's underwear?

Yes. That matters.

If you buy underwear based on the price, or what's conveniently available…

What about your body type?

Some styles work much better for your body (and your self-confidence) than the rest…but you wouldn't know that if you never tried.

So here's some info on the best men's underwear for your body type.

Find out more below – and choose wisely.

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I’ve been wearing Tani for about 2 years now and I’ve offered pairs to my friends. I got their feedback and Tani scored 5 stars for appearance, function, comfort, and best of all – women's preference.

The advantages of wearing Tani:

  • Their underwear is made of luxury, high-performance fabrics like Super Pima & Swiss Cotton so they feel awesome to wear
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Why Your Choice Of Men's Underwear Matters

When we think of underwear…we know it's worn underneath the rest of our clothing. Hidden from public view. All day. So is your choice of men's underwear important?


Underwear serves many purposes whether you're sitting at your office desk, speed walking in the subway station or just lazing around at home.

Health-wise it's better to buy quality men's underwear instead of cheap ones that wouldn't last beyond a couple of washes. Quality underwear:

  1. Absorbs body fluids or sweat coming from the crotch
  2. Keeps your trousers clean from the inside
  3. Provides support for your genitals, keeping them comfortable throughout the day
  4. Reduces friction between the genitals and your clothing (the best brands of underwear can prevent chafing in the crotch area thanks to the fabric)
  5. Regulates temperature in the lower body

But that's not the only decision you face. There's also the type or style of men's underwear which can impact your day-to-day life. Your choice can improve your self-confidence, your performance at work…and it'll make your partner even more attracted to you!


Here's a comparison of the 4 underwear types and which body types they suit best:

Now let's break down each underwear type…


Men's Underwear Type #1 – Boxers

Compatible with: Big, Fit & Muscular men

Good old men's boxers were inspired by the loose boxing shorts worn by professional boxers. And what are boxers known to be? Fit and athletic.

Boxing shorts were designed to give pro boxers enough comfort and freedom of movement during a fight. They weren't baggy but slightly wider than the wearer's thighs.

Let's not forget that athletes have bigger thighs and legs than the average person (since they do lots of training and running – even inside a boxing ring). So if we look at men's boxers today, they're great for any guy who doesn't have a thin frame or “chicken” legs.

Boxers don't have elasticized leg openings that are meant to stay close to the skin. That means they can make your lower body appear larger…but that's not a concern for men who are fit or have muscles all over, and bigger men in general.


Men's Underwear Type #2 – Briefs

Compatible with: Thin, Fit & Muscular men

This is the type of underwear everybody knows. It's the antithesis to boxers in every way.

Briefs are often called tighty-whities (though they don't only come in white) as tightness is their specialty. They normally have an elastic waistband and roughly 5 inches of fabric that covers the upper thighs.

The way briefs tightly cover the crotch area creates a distinct Y-shaped front…supporting your genitals well. It can also emphasize your so-called “package.”

The downside? Briefs are kind of size-discriminatory. If you've got a good body, a pair of briefs allows you to show off the whole thing except what's supposed to be concealed. Even lean guys who have trouble gaining muscle can look good in briefs since they don't accentuate their thinness.

But for bigger men or men with wide hips…briefs may bring more attention to your weight or hip size. They might be comfortable and movement-friendly, but the body can risk stretching them out over time. And what if you hear your wife say you're acting as if you have a beach body? Ouch.


Men's Underwear Type #3 – Boxer Briefs

Compatible with: All body types

This hybrid style combines the close fit of men's briefs (thanks to Lycra or a special fiber that's added to the stretchable fabric) with the shape of men's boxers.

You get the best of both worlds with men's boxer briefs. There's extra fabric that covers more of the thigh area. The genitals feel very comfortable and well-supported.

Nothing seems too tight, too loose or exposed overall. That's why it's the most versatile type of underwear in the bunch. When in doubt – be brave with boxer briefs.


Men's Underwear Type #4 – Trunks (Not Swimming Trunks)

Compatible with: Thin, Fit, Muscular & Wide-Hipped men

Men's trunks – boxer briefs with a shorter thigh coverage – are pretty similar to swimming trunks (the ones which aren't the Speedo briefs style or beach shorts). They're generally made with a smaller waistband and less fabric.

Trunks are one step above typical boxer briefs in terms of fit. Provided the quality is good, they don't lose their elasticity for a long period of time.

But since trunks are smaller and fit closer to the body…they're not going to complement bigger guys the way boxer briefs do. They still work for men with wide hips although boxer briefs are preferable.


Additional Note: Underwear For Physical Activity

Nobody is the same. No one does the same things for fun. So it's also important to take into account your own lifestyle. Especially when it comes to exercise.

You could be a runner. That means support for your genitals has to be the priority. But a pair of really tight briefs might end up cutting into your love handles – losing their shape and form. Wearing a bigger size or performance underwear (with protective pouches) might be more helpful.

Or you could be a bigger guy who's lifting barbells all the time to lose weight. Good for you! But if you sweat a lot and you don't want to bother the other gym-goers with sweat coming from your crotch…consider boxer briefs for your size instead of boxers. Buying the right size of men's underwear is just as crucial as picking the right underwear type.


Even for your underwear – quality matters. High-quality best men's underwear allows you to start each day with a foundation of confidence. Wherever you go, whatever you're doing…you'll love the fact that your underwear is doing a great job.

That's the feeling that Tani offers. Whether you go with briefs, boxers or trunks – Tani ensures you get excellent products. No novelties or gimmicks. Just quality materials and a superior fit.

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