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Best Men’s Underwear for Running

Best Men's Underwear for Running

In a recent survey, 85% of Tani consumers said comfort was the most important quality they looked for when buying underwear.

Tani USA prides itself on having the best men’s underwear for running. Comfortable, durable, and breathable, our underwear will be a great addition not just for running but yoga, lifting, sports – or just lounging around. Comfort is crucial when it comes to underwear because we wear it all day, every day, for all activities like being at the office, exercising outside or at the gym, and going out on a date (or two or six). As such, the material has a huge impact on the comfort level. The cut, the pouch and the quality and positioning of the seams make a tremendous difference.

Low-quality brands of men’s underwear risk uncomfortable bouncing and chafing in addition to a poor fit. Sure, you can settle for a pack of cheap underwear from your local store, or you can make an investment in men’s underwear that will change how you look at undergarment purchases. It’s like the difference between a pair Axe spray and cologne, or cheap wine and splurging on a nice bottle – once you have a taste and feel of something that is a better quality you don’t want to go back. The first thing to consider is the various style choices you have when choosing the best men’s underwear for running.

Men’s Underwear For Running

The style of men's running underwear depends on its leg seam, length, and fit. Tani offers three different types of men’s running underwears to choose from.


AirFit is a popular choice because they fit snugly against the body. They resemble chamois for cycling without the additional padding. The tight fit of our AirFit shorts helps to keep you warm and provides maximum support for your muscles. Our AirFit shorts wick away 50% Unlike most performance underwear, AirFit naturally provides antibacterial and anti-odor properties. So, whether you’re doing hot Yoga in the middle of July or running a marathon in the winter, our underwear will keep you comfortable, dry, and confident. We have two different types of AirFIt – briefs and boxer briefs that you can also buy in packs of two. On top of all that our shorts are biodegradable. Mother Earth thanks you.

Move Performance

Move Performance shares several similarities with AirFit shorts. However, they are not the same. Designed with a trifecta of first of its kind innovations - including Italian bonded contour side seams, free-cut edges, and a molded pouch support underwear - these are the best men underwear.  You’ve never tried anything like the move. These shorts offer the widest range of motion of any running shorts. This is due to the short inseams that can be as small as one inch. When you need the best men’s underwear for running, consider that designers and manufacturers had performance in mind when creating Tani Move Performance Shorts.

Silk Cut

The Silk Cut is perfect for all seasons and any weather or climate, they’re made from a combination of Micro Modal AIR for a super-silky feel and elastane for a stretchy fit. The fabric is lightweight and naturally breathable and wicking, which keeps you cooler and dryer than other kinds of materials. We’re the only underwear brand that uses this innovative light fabric in a line of men’s underwear. This unique material is knit in Europe and is thinner, softer, and more durable than silk. Despite its amazingly light feel, the SilkCut Hip Brief stretches and recovers like no other. They can handle any workout regiment in the gym—or in the bedroom.

These are just some of the products we carry in our men’s running underwear collection. We invite you to experience the warmest and most comfortable undergarments you have ever worn by shopping at Tani online.

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