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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Benefits of Men’s Breathable Underwear

Benefits of Men's Breathable Underwear

When it comes to breathable underwear, the term can mean different things for different people.

For you, comfort could be when your underwear fits just loose enough that you feel like you can move about freely while still having the support you need. Other men might consider the fabrics that make up the underwear the most important factor in determining whether they qualify as breathable. Our goal is simple at Tani. We want to produce and sell the most comfortable underwear on the planet for men. Our comfortable underwear is made with every man in mind.

Comfort for Everyday Life

Have you ever pulled on a pair of underwear that you thought would feel great only to feel disappointed by a tight waistband? That won’t happen when you purchase a pair of men’s breathable underwear from Tani. We ensure that the waistband is firm enough to support you while not feeling so tight that it digs into your skin or leaves uncomfortable or unsightly marks behind. From the waistband to the cut of the leg holes to the materials we use, comfort is the name of the game when you are a customer of Tani.

Tops Fabrics That Produce Breathable Underwear for Men

Any underwear manufacturer can use cotton or another common material and not give it much more thought. When we choose fabric to make men’s breathable underwear at Tani, it must be more comfortable and out-perform our closest competitors or we won’t even consider using it. We also don’t stick with just a few types of fabric that we happen to like. Our buyers are constantly traveling around the world to discover new types of fabric that would feel soft against your skin while holding up to the demands of whatever the day throws at you. Here are just three of the fabrics you might find in a pair of men’s underwear from

Tani: Micro Modal AIR

Discovered in Europe, this unique fabric is even thinner and more luxurious than silk. It is also much more durable. The properties of the fabric make it naturally breathable, meaning you are never left feeling sweaty, itchy, or confined until you can make it to the nearest restroom. Besides being soft, silky, and supportive, Micro Modal AIR holds its shape through hundreds of washes and is biodegradable when it’s time to give up your old pairs for new ones.       

Micro Tencel

This fine, thin fabric makes extremely breathable underwear and removes up to 50 percent more moisture than underwear made from cotton. It naturally guards against bacterial growth and allows you to be as hygienic as possible all day long.   


As its name suggests, the Superfine material makes a thin, fine pair of breathable underwear with a high density of the woven fabric. Only a few mills in the world have the capacity to produce something this comfortable and breathable in men’s underwear. That means that only the smoothest and finest yarns will do. When you need softness, durability, and breathability in a single pair of men’s underwear, think Superfine from Tani.

We are happy to answer additional questions about any of our men’s underwear products before your next online shopping trip.

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