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Are men's underwear trunks low rise?

Are men's underwear trunks low rise?

Are men's underwear trunks low rise?

Men's Trunks

Men's trunks have been around for a long time, but mostly as a bathing suit style. Once the boxer brief appeared on the market, the trunk underwear style quickly followed. The main difference between boxer briefs and trunks is that men's trunks tend to have the same tight fit but are squarer in design and have a shorter leg or rise. 

The trunk has become extremely popular with guys who are athletic and have thicker thighs. The men’s trunk style can be worn under relaxed workout pants as well as under tighter jeans styles. 

The trunk gives great support without the excess fabric around the leg that can bunch up and need frequent adjusting.

For you guys thinking of changing over to the trunk underwear style, take a looks at the 

Mens trunk underwear.  We offer both cotton and micro modal air versions.  Our clients have tried trunk underwear vs boxer briefs.  While both received rave reviews, clients were supremely satisfied with our mens trunk underwear.

Taking things to the next level, Tani is the first underwear brand to offer free-cut edges on its garments.  The collection is called FreeForm.

What does this mean?

It means, there’s no hem or binding on the leg and yet, this remarkable best mens underwear won’t bunch, crimp or ride up. FreeForm lies perfectly flat, making a seamless, supple connection between the fabric and your skin. 

Our Extra Long Staple Cotton from the Sea Islands is one of the finest cotton in the world.  This luxurious fabric in our revolutionary sheared cut creates a spectacular trunk perfect for everyday comfort. Slight stretch allows for contouring without constriction. No leg binding enhances comfort around the leg. Designed with a super soft Jacquard waistband.

The Micro Modal version features our premium micro modal air underwear fabric.  Exclusively ours, this premium soft, naturally wicking fabric keeps you dry making them perfect for everyday comfort. 

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