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5 Winter Style Tips for Busy Working Men - Best Thermals for Cold Weather

5 Winter Style Tips for Busy Working Men - Best Thermals for Cold Weather

5 Winter Style Tips For Busy Working Men - Best Thermals

5 Winter Style Tips for Busy Working Men

Okay, men, listen up! Winter is cold but staying warm doesn’t have to be at the expense of your style. You don’t have to spend hours putting an outfit together either. All you need to master the winter style are some quality well-fitting pieces and a few tricks up your sleeve. Start by prepping your wardrobe for the season and learn the art of layering. It’s the one skill that will keep you both warm and stylish, and don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice it every day.

Start with the basics

The most overlooked part of an outfit is the most important one. How you feel, how comfortable you are, and how warm you are during winter is all up to your boxer briefs underwear.

You need to have the most comfortable boxer briefs and most comfortable mens underwear if you want to be warm and well-dressed. The material your underwear is made of makes all the difference. You should get some lightweight underwear from Tani.  They are premium men’s underwear brand, they make high-quality underwear, considered to be the most comfortable men's underwear best men’s boxer briefs.

For winter, you also need some long john or best thermals for cold weather to keep you warm. These are the pieces that will set the tone for the rest of the outfit, they are your first layer and if they don’t fit well, nothing else will either.  Popular search terms for finding quality thermals include best thermal wear brand, best thermals for snow, warmest thermals, best base layer for cold weather, extreme cold weather thermals, best base layer for skiing snow hunting winter and best base layer for cold weather hunting.

Find your everyday go-to outfit

Next step is to define your everyday outfit. It should be suitable for your lifestyle and it should consist of a few layers so that you can adjust it to different temperatures outside and inside. If you are a casual guy, you can pick a , a simple long sleeved t-shirt, and a nice cardigan as your go-to. If you like dressier outfits, you can substitute jeans for a nice pair of pants, maybe even wear a shirt, and elevate the go-to outfit and make it more suitable for your needs. Remember, this is an everyday look. It should be simple and comfortable, and it should make you feel good.

Suit up!

When it comes to special occasions, you should suit up! Winter suits should be made of warmer and sturdier materials, any type of manufactured wool will be a great choice. Your suit should be an investment piece. If you get the right fit and the right style, you will get a lot of wear out of it, not to mention the looks you’ll attract. Aussies can teach the rest of the world a lot when it comes to this topic. Aussie men have a distinct taste in suits, they often opt for a custom fit, and suits in Melbourne are among the best in the world.

A coat is a must

Real men wear coats, period. This winter, update your wardrobe with the perfect coat. A well-made quality coat will keep you warm and it will be a statement. A statement of style and manliness. The coat you choose should be well-fitted and it should complement the rest of your wardrobe. If you like classic pieces, you can opt for a black simple coat but if most of your wardrobe is dark and you want something to mix it up, you can pick a nice camel or checkered coat.

The right pair of shoes will tie it all together

One last thing before you go, choosing the right winter shoes. To stay warm and dry, you will need something waterproof, with lining, but you should also try to find shoes that have soles with traction to stay upright when the ground freezes, and don’t forget about style. A great choice is a pair of chelsea boots; they look every bit as dressy as the classic shoe with all the benefits of a boot.

Now you know all the tricks you need for staying warm and stylish during winter, without losing valuable time.

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