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5 Tips to Take Care of Mens Underwear

5 Tips to Take Care of Mens Underwear

5 Tips to Take Care of Fragile Clothes and Underwear

By investing in quality men’s underwear the goal is to improve comfort and aesthetics while knowing that quality is there. But good quality does not mean indestructible! 

Still many of us think that putting the price on clothes or underwear means that it will outlive the washing machine. So to save your wardrobe, here are a few expert tips.


The finer the material is the more delicate it is. So to maintain your men’s underwear, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, briefs, or jockstraps, the most effective and safest solution is of course hand washing.

It takes time, sure, but it’s worth it! If you take this route, go all the way and air dry your clothes.  You’d be surprised how damaging washing and drying can be on your clothes.

Hand wash your delicate underwear!

TIP 1: Separate white and black from the colors. White underwear tends to turn gray and blacks to whiten or fade. To avoid this, wash them only with parts of the same shade. To learn more about the maintenance of your white underwear, we refer you directly to one of our previous articles.

TIP 2: Soak your underwear for 5 minutes in the water below 30 ° C.

TIP 3: Rub and soap with detergent or soap.

TIP 4: Rinse with lukewarm water and then a second time in cold water to remove any remaining detergent, soaps, or other residues.

TIP 5: Remember not to wring your underwear too hard if you don’t want to deform your best and most comfortable mens boxer briefs. Dry them flat or on a towel that will absorb the water, but don’t put them on the radiators to keep the colors and shape.

Finally, forget the dryer to extend the life of your mens boxer briefs, briefs or boxer shorts.  Ironing can also damage very fine fabrics like the ones used by Tani USA. 

If you still want to wash your underwear in a washing machine, put them in our special mesh washing bags to ensure gentle washing. Favor low-temperature cycles without exceeding 30 ° C, and use a mild detergent.

Finally, avoid fabric softeners which affect the elasticity of the garment.


For classic loungewear or sportswear clothing, traditional machine washing between 40 and 60 degrees is perfectly appropriate. However, for more delicate fabrics, you have to be more vigilant.

How to wash your delicate garments

TIP 1 : Separate white and black from the colors.

TIP 2 : Read the labels and pay attention to the materials and fabrics. Some indicate that it is possible to machine wash the garment, but others strongly advise against it !! To decrypt the labels, you can refer to our special guide.

TIP 3: Delicate fabrics should be turned inside out before washing. All clothing made of leather look materials, latex or foil printed fabrics should be washed out on program for delicates. For ironing, prefer low temperatures or steam.

TIP 4- Prefer washing at low temperature without ever exceeding 30 ° C, and use a mild detergent. Washing at too high a temperature affects the intensity and the brightness of the colors, but also the elasticity. Use anti-discoloration wipes when washing colored clothes as well as to preserve the white and black models

TIP 5 – Machine drying is not recommended if you want to keep the original quality of your clothes. Avoid the tumble dryer and prefer natural drying. If you dry your clothes directly in the sun, turn them inside out to prevent them from losing their color.

Recurring errors to be avoided.

  • Don’t use bleach or chlorine which attack the materials, the skin and turn yellow clothes
  • No dry cleaning
  • Ironing is not recommended

Now, you perfectly know how to take care of your underwear and delicate clothes. You are no longer afraid of lace, wool, or silk so it is time to treat yourself. 

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