Men's SwissTouch Collection

Men's SwissTouch Collection

The cotton in our SwissTouch Collection is softness times 12. Or maybe 20. It is the most comfortable cotton men's boxer brief.  Our cotton is special.  It’s known as Swiss Cotton™, and it’s exclusively milled in Switzerland for us.

How fine is it? Put it this way: The cotton in most underwear, including designer underwear, is so coarse in comparison, it might as well be sandpaper.  So there’s a good chance you’ve never felt cotton underwear this soft before.  This is why our SwissTouch Collection is the most comfortable mens cotton underwear. 


  • Only men’s underwear made from Swiss Cotton™
  • Produced in Switzerland on special fine gauge knitting machines
  • Retains shape and softness through repeated washing 
  • Simple design with fabric wrapped waistband 

Fabric: 92% Swiss Cotton™ | 8% Lycra®